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Yes because it can harm your legs and that's when the leg hair grows BRB.

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Q: Is it bad to shave your legs at 11 years old?
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Is thirteen years old too young to shave your legs?

i started at the end of sixth grade.

Does Nick Jonas shave his legs?

Nick does shave his legs. He is a 16 year old boy!

What is the age to start shaving legs?

I believe that girls should start to shave their legs when they enter middle school. this means between 5th and 6th grade. Different answer: you should shave your legs when you get permission from your parents (normal age is between 11 and 13) Newest answer: There is no age when you should start! You should start when you want too and there is a lot of hair but I would say like 12-13 years old. Ten year old girls should not shave their legs though. That's too young. Another answer Ask your mother at the time when you feel you are ready to shave your legs.

Can a 4 year old shave her hairy legs?

No, 4 year olds should not shave their legs wait until they are at least 8 or 9 There is no need for them to shave their legs at that age, I think they shouldn't until they are 11.

Is it bad to shave with a razor at 15?

Hi I'm fifteen years old and I've been shaving with an electric shaver for at least a year and I've been tempted to shave with a razor. I only shaved the chin hair and mustache. Was it a bad idea to shave at this age? should I have waited longer? What are your thoughts?

Should i shave my pubes?

I'm 14 years old and boy and I was wondering should I shave my pubes?

How often should a eleven year old girl shave her legs?

Honestly, I don't think an 11 year old should be shaving already. But if you have the go ahead from your mom, then you should do it whenever you need it. Like every morning after shaving my legs I run my hand down my legs. If I feel fuzzies, I know I need to shave again.

Can 10 years old shave?

Most 10 year olds do not need to shave. Discuss shaving with your parents.

Should 11 year old shave?

i think she should start shaving. I am 11 years old and don't shave because i am too nervous to ask my mom. but i want to shave really badly!

How old are you meant to be to shave your legs?

for girls the age is 16, my doctor and my girls doctors and pediatriction reccomened the same thing.

How should you indirectly tell your mom you want to shave without being direct and im 14 yrs old?

First find out how old she was when she shaved. Second if you have armpit hair you should shave there. Third if you want to shave your legs you should sit down and have a talk with her. If she says no, try again in 2 weeks.

You are a 14 year old male with not one hair on your legs is this normal?

No it is not. I am 14 and I shave like every other week to keep it from getting to long. I have had it for years, but it only got thick at about 12