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It can damage your hair, but it depends on how long you leave it in your hair or how much you do. Lemon juice is much safer.

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Q: Is it bad to put peroxide in your hair?
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Will peroxide put blonde in my hair if it is brown?

Peroxide can lighten brown hair, but the result may vary depending on your hair's natural color, thickness, and texture. It is recommended to consult a professional hair stylist for the best results.

Do you have to be in the sun when you put lemon juice or peroxide in your hair?

Yes for lemon juice, no for peroxide. I wouldn't recommend either though. Peroxide really damages your hair.

What happens if you peroxide your hair and then cinnamon it?

i dont know but is will probrobly turn out bad

Can you put highlights in your hair without using bleach?

Aside from bleach, you can also use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to bleach hair.

When was peroxide first used to bleach hair?

Peroxide was first used to bleach hair in 1860.

Can you dye your hair blonde with hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to lighten hair, but it is not recommended as a standalone method to achieve blonde hair. It can cause damage and may result in an uneven or brassy color. It's safer to use professional hair products or seek help from a professional hairstylist to achieve the desired blonde hair color.

Will peroxide work on red hair?

Yes. yuu can peroxide red hair and it will work normally. the way peroxide works is that it takes all of your natural colour and nutrience out of your hair which leaves it white.

I am being a barbie for Halloween and need blonde hair but I have brown hair and I don't want a cheap wig but i cant dye my hair....?

Put peroxide in it and it will NATERALY make it lighter.

What will happen if you mix a chemical with a hydrogen peroxide?

Nothing too bad! When I bleach my hair, I put a little hydrogen peroxide in with the mix. I see a difference in whiteness when I do and don't use hydrogen peroxide. It gets it a lot whiter. However, hydrogen peroxide is DAMAGING to hair! If you're going to use it, poke a small hole in the film of a new bottle and only use a couple squirts! You have to be careful, because it can damage your hair and scalp. Keep and eye on it. And when you're done bleaching, deep condition the hell out of your hair! Good luck!

How do you bleach your hair with benzoyl peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide to be more precise is essentially water with an extra Oxygen molecule. In a solution of about 3% Peroxide you can permanently and safely lighten hair. Use it in a squirt bottle to achieve the desired effect, sunlight also helps. Be careful not to use your Peroxide solution too often, for you risk drying your hair out. Keep hair healthy and moist, avoid swimming pools and water with loads of Chlorine.

Is henna the only hair color that does not contain ammonia or peroxide?

is henna the only hair color that does not contain ammonia or peroxide

Can hydrogen peroxide lighten arm hair?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can be used for lightening hair. However, it will also bleach skin and probably then is not advisable for use on the arms.