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Q: Is it bad to not clean your retainers?
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What is the right way to clean retainers?

I clean my retainer with my toothbrush and Listerine. There are tablets you can buy that you put in water and they dissolve and clean the retainers. Just whatever you do, DO NOT use any kind of heat to clean them! Using heat can misshapen your retainers!

Are glow in the dark retainers bad for you?

No, glow in the dark retainers are not bad for you. they are just another color like red or purple just more fun!

Why do retainers smell so bad?

Try cleaning them with toothpaste and a toothbrush everyday. Then it should stop smelling.A bit more:Check with your dentist to see if you can clean them with a denture cleaner, such as Polident. It will kills the germs and bacteria that cause the odors.

Can you drink with a retainer on?

you can only drink water. No hot drinks. No fizzy drinks. because it will eat away at the retainers. and also make sure you keep them clean by washing the retainers twice a day so they dont break

Do Retainers Hurt Really Bad?

the first time a liitle bit, but if you continue to wear it you won't even feel it

Could you ware a clean retainer to school if the dress code says no body piercing?

Yes you can wear clear retainers to school regardless of what the dress code says, you are wearing clear retainers not jewellery and retaining your piercings are none of the school's business. Bottom line if your parents allow you to have piercings then that is between you and your parents, you wear retainers and not jewellery in your piercings at school to comply with the dress code, enough said.

How do you replace the headlights on a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada?

Each of the headlight assemblies are braced through the radiator support with a pair of retainers. The retainers for the right headlight assembly are in front of the battery. The retainers for the left assembly are in front of the washer fluid reservoir. Remove the retainers by pulling up on the retainer. With the retainers removed, the headlamp assembly falls forward. Reinstall the retainers to the square tabs on the headlamp assembly and the rivet on the radiator support

How do you clean your bad checks report?

HOW DO YOU CLEAN YOUR RECORD OF A PAST BAD CHECK that you wrote 4 years ago?

Can you take out cartliage pericing and put a piercing retainers in?

Yes you can put retainers in just about any piercing, just be sure to do it after you have cleaned the piercings, it makes getting the retainers in a bit easier.

What are retainers like?

When you have braces for a certain amount of time you are required to wear a clear or wire retainer. They keep your teeth from moving. So say you got your braces off and you refuse to wear a retainer or you just don't want to, your teeth will move and then you have to get braces again. Your retainer doesn't have to be in very long.

What is the purpose of clear tonque rings?

Because when getting pierced they have to initially clean the jewellery they are gonna pierce it with in an autoclave then do it. Some people also clear retainers that are plastic and will melt in an autoclave.

What is clean water?

clean water is when water is clean and there is no bacteria or bad stuff that can give you a infection.