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Yes it is as the foreskin is there to protect the sensitivity of the glans you wil damage the glans in the way it is with circumcised men by leaving it exposed.

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Q: Is it bad to keep you foreskin pulled back if not circumsized?
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Where would one find the frenulum?

If it is doing what it is supposed to do. which is cause the foreskin to move back over the glans of the penis when it is flaccid. it is easily distinguishable when puling the foreskin right back as a separate chord like entity that reaches from the glans to the foreskin for about 15mm until it seems to blend back into the foreskin. so it is not actually tight at all it only becomes tight when the foreskin is pulled back. the tightens of the frenulum may well be associated with the tightness of the foreskin round the penis itself. loosen the foreskin and you loosen the frenulum.

What could happen if a boy's penile foreskin is forced back too early?

The foreskin of an uncircumsized newborn should NEVER be pulled back; it is a myth and it is dangerous to do this. It should never be forced back by a parent, no matter what the reason the parent has. Keep your hands off of it. Tissues of the glans penis and of the covering foreskin are not yet differentiated, and the foreskin should be left alone. Some physicians consider that an unretracted foreskin can be normal and non-problematic even as late as puberty. Yes, there can be problems with the foreskin, but pathological phimosis (a medically problematic unretractable foreskin) is virtually NEVER a competent diagnosis at birth.AnswerThe foreskin does not retract at birth. Forcing it back at this age can cause tearing and scarring meaning it will be difficult to retract in the future.

Is foreskin supposed to be back on hard?

I would say that depends on how much foreskin you have. I think for health and cleanliness it s good idea to keep it pulled back whenever you can. especially when its hard. ive read that men with heavy foreskin that dont stretch it back can eventually have a problem fully exposing the head of the penis resulting in less sensation our even painful masturbation and problems with difficult penetration. anything anyone can add.. other than thanks mom and dad. . .

Is there a partial circumcision?

Yes for example if a foreskin is too long it can be trimmed back. keep in mind however that the foreskin is a very enervated part of the penis and all of it plays an important part in sexual performance and pleasure

You cannot see the head of your penis and you find it very hard to have sexual intercourse- why has my foreskin completely hidden the head of my penis?

you could try circumcision, but that's up to youAnswerThe foreskin is a shield to protect the penis from damage, as sexual reproduction is greatly needed in evolution and to keep the mammal's race existent, in this case, a human. When the foreskin gets stuck to the penis, the head of the penis might be incredibly dirty or might of even covered the entire head.But the foreskin can only cover the head of the penis, it is joined to the lower Frenulum. The head of the penis is called the penial glands.Without the foreskin it is very difficult to masturbate.When the foreskin is pulled far enough, it can actually stretch down the entire penial shaft, but cannot reach the scrotum in a fully erected penis.The foreskin may remain tight, but pulling the foreskin gradually, further and further each day.Some people are scared of their foreskin from being pulled away for the first time.This is common.But if the penis is damaged and / or infected it is strongly advised to visit your doctor in sexual or penial medicine, usually located in a hospital.

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When to restore foreskin after circumcision?

You can start at any time you like, the younger the better, Keep in mind however that the restored foreskin will never be the same as the original as a lot of nervous tissue is lost with the original mutilation. Suggest you look up foreskin restoration on the web for further guidance.

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Are there any disadvantage if we circumcise?

Many people think circumcision desensitizes the penis, but if you're circumcised, you won't have foreskin problems and it will be easier to wash and keep clean.To remove the foreskin in order to save you puling the retractable foreskin skin back and washing it with your normal shower or bath seems drastic when you consider that the foreskin besides protecting the sensitivity of the glans , itself has over20.000 pleasure giving nerves and also makes sex more pleasurable for the woman. Go to the related link below "Medical Studies on Circumcision" and explore the disadvantages in circumcision. Less then 20% of the worlds males are circumcised and most of them are pressured into it by cultural and religious reasoning, many of them as children that have no say in the practice,