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Yes it is bad if you are circumcised. Les then 20% of the worlds men are circumcised and most of these were done for religious reasons. some were done for ostensibly health reasons even though there is no evidence anywhere that there is a health benefit in this form of mutilation. Circumcision is rarely a choice and it would be easy to argue that it is forced onto children as they have no say in the whole procedure. very few adults would consider undergoing the procedure and there are thousands of mutilated adults that are trying to replace the foreskin through special stretching regimes.

Circumcision is a health and religious choice. It is not unhealthy to be not circumcised, but being circumcised can help prevent infections and it also just looks right!

Looks right?? That must mean you're circumcised. I'm not circumcised, and it looks right to me. And my wife likes me just the way I am.

On the contrary it is good if you are not circumcised (intact) circumcision is a religious and cultural thing and there are no recognised health benefits in having the penis mutilated in this way. The foreskin protects the sensitive glans from drying out and from being hardened and desensitised by constant rubbing on underwear. the foreskin itself with more then 20.000 nerve endings it itself a source of much pleasure and it makes masturbating easier and more fun not to mention the most important thing it makes sexual intercourse better for the woman.

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Q: Is it bad if your not circumcised?
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