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No not exactly, could fill you up with gases, but one wouldn't hurt if you chugged it

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Q: Is it bad if you drink coca cola really fast?
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What helps a person burp?

Drink soda coca cola fast and then burppppppppppppppppp!!!

How bottles of coca- cola should be consumed in a day?

You shouldn't drink any - but you can drink some w/o anything bad happening. Coca-Cola is mainly sugar, and it's not good to have too much of your daily energy requirement from sugar alone.About one small cup(as you get from fast food restaurants), will give you 1/3 of your recommended daily amount of sugar.

Why does pepsi go flat so fast?

Pepsi is not bottled or canned like Coca Cola products, therefore the carbonation is able to dissipate much faster. Coca Cola is bottled and canned at just above freezing.

What brand overtook coco cola in the mid-nineties as the most widely recognized?

The fast-food chain McDonalds is now more widely recognized than even Coca-Cola...

What does speed cola do in black ops?

The speed cola helps you reload really fast in Black Ops zombie mode. Its really useful!

Why is coca cola colder in a can longer than in a bottle?

The can is made of metal and metal conducts heat easily, so it loses heat fast too.

How fast does ice breakers dissolve in Coca-Cola?

Ice breaker would blow up in coke just like mentos i did that as a science experiment.

What is a good easy fast science experiment for a fifth grade science fair?

Vinigar and baking soda, coca cola and mentos. By the way is your name carl?

Can you drink Pepsi cola on fast?

No only water. Soft drinks are full of sugar, caffeine,and other things.

What was the first soda ever made and by who and what date?

The first soda must have been Coca Cola, who was invented by a former southern civil war soldier, originally meant to be a medicine against past-war depression. during the period of prohibition the alcohol and cocaine was removed from the the Coca Cola, and it has stayed unchanged to this day. incorrectThe first soda to ever was the soda Hires Root Beer. It was made and bottled first in 1866.Just because Coca Cola is the most famous, doesn't mean it was the first. Same with fast food McDonalds is world wide known but the very first was actually White Castle.

Was Gallimimus a fast reptile?

Nachos taste good for these reasons 1.cheese 2. chips 3. warm 4. coca-cola 5. makes you fat

What fast-food restaurants sell Pepsi?

No, the reason it tastes different to the usual coke you drink out of a can or bottle is because it's put in a paper cup which does actually make a difference to the taste believe it or not, and it's on draught, so it's carbonated as it comes through the pipes and into the cup. this makes it taste more flat, because in a can of coke the bubbles are preserved in the airtight can, whereas whilst the coke is coming through the pipes and into the cup at McD's some of the bubbles are forced out as it hits the bottom of the cup. McDonald's have signed a contract with Coca Cola to enable them to be the only worldwide fast food chain able to sell real Coca Cola through this draught pump system.