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Q: Is intoxication an altered state of consciousness?
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Is hypnosis a state of consciousness?

Hypnosis is an 'altered state of consciousness' (ASC) that is qualitatively different from normal waking consciousness.

Why do people get high?

altered state of consciousness.

Is daydreaming an altered state of consciousness?


Is REM an altered state of consciousness or normal waking consciousness?

REM is a stage of sleep, characterized by rapid eye movements, that occurs when we are dreaming. In that sense it is an altered state, although perfectly normal.

Can sleeping cause mutation?

No. Sleeping is just an altered state of consciousness.

What do drugs trauma fatigue hypnosis and sensory deprivation have in common?

they produce altered state of consciousness

Did Cheyne stokes syndrome is an altered state of consciousness due to decreased blood flow to the brain?


Magic mushrooms have been used by several culture to induce altered state of consciousness during what rituals?


What is the difference in the altered state of consciousness through meditation hyonotic trance?

I think you are asking, "what happens to one's state of consciousness during a meditation hypnotic trance?" The phrase "meditation hypnotic trance" needs exploring. Meditation is *not* the same thing as hypnosis, and it does not induce a trance state. Meditation is simply the process of watching your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

Sleep and meditation are examples of?

Altered states of consciousness.

When was Altered State - Altered State album - created?

Altered State - Altered State album - was created on 1991-08-27.

What type of altered consciousness in which people become highly suggestible is called?