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No. The length of hair on a person's body has no affect on their health. That is true if the person exercises proper hygiene. Years ago, when the fashion was huge hairdos on both men and women, like in the Victorian era, people would spend so much time getting their hair done that they would leave it in the decorated form for weeks, including having all sorts of insects, even sometimes birds, make webs and nests in them.

And so, just like after exercise, it is important for the body to rest, and in this case, nature has a built-in recovery plan that is initiated as soon after the activity as convenient. And, since intercourse occurs during times of repose or relaxation anyway, sleep is a favorable option to the male, though the female feel more awake because she actually gets energized by the experience as her body then needs to 'process' the semen, which brings along with the sperm some glucose and protein, which her body begins to absorb almost immediately.

Yes. There, I said it. The answer every woman must ask, what happens to the sperm? In short, the sperm travel into her abdominal cavity and a few days later and breakdown into nutrients that her body uses for metabolism.

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Q: Is having long hair bad for your health?
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It may make your hair look bad in the morning, but it will not be bad for your health. You can't catch a cold by having wet hair or being in the cold.

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