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no it is great for your health and makes your body loverly and brown (:

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Q: Is having a suntan bad for your health?
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How do you know if suntan lotion is bad?

suntan lotion is bad because it does bad things for your skin.

What are the good and bad about health?

The good thing about health is having it. And so, the bad thing is not having it. SOme people say that you don't miss something until it's gone, and that can be said about health.

Is a suntan a sign of health?

no its a sign that the skin is damaged and it could cause skin cancer

Brunette in spanish?

Morena (a woman having black hair and white or suntan skin)

Is having a cat indoors bad for human health?

No it is your pet like a dog!

How do you say the word suntan in French?

Suntan is 'le bronzage' in French. To get a suntan is 'bronzer'

Why is having no alcohol in your body good?

Alcohol is bad for our health, especially for heart and lung.

Did George O. Gore II have health issues?

george o.goreII is indeed having threatning health issues as bad as brain cancer

What do you do after you get the suntan lotion?

Suntan lotion is to prevent the tanning from sun. Suntan lotion are used for preventing skin darkening or tanning. You should apply suntan lotion half an hour before going out .

Does having sweet corn everyday affect health in a bad way?

In general having too much of any one thing isn't generally a good idea; however, there aren't many vegetables (i'm not aware of any, except maybe large amounts of raw spinach) that will affect your health in a bad way just because you're eating them every day. Now, having corn syrup everyday might have a bad affect on your health.

What processes are involved in getting a tan and then having it fade away?

Mitosis causes a suntan on your skin to fade. Mitosis is the division of cells to create new daughter cells. After you have/get a suntan. Your cells continue to divide and your old cells die off while your new cells grow over causing your suntan to fade away. I hope this helped.

What is a sentence using the word suntan?

After too much time in the sun, a suntan can become a sunburn. Use sun block if you want to avoid a suntan.