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No, if your car burns, is stolen, or is destroyed by vandalism, you won't receive a cent in Michigan with PLPD. Even in an accident you won't receive anything, your PLPD will only pay other people for damage you cause to them, it won't pay you a dime, that's why it's cheap.

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Q: Is fire and theft covered on plpd insurance in Michigan?
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Does homeowners insurance cover damage to borrowed tools and yard equipment?

No, this would no be covered. The cause of the damage must be a covered cause such as fire, windstorm, theft, etc.

How can one insure the property that they have in their room?

Some insurance companies offer theft insurance. If you have theft insurance, you will be compensated in the event a burglar steals your personal items. Fire insurance is another option. This insurance compensates you in the event of a fire. Contact your current insurer to see if they offer theft insurance, fire insurance, or another form of protection for your belongings.

What is renters insurance and why it is needed?

Renters insurance is for a person who is renting the place where they live. It protects your property if something happens to that place, such as a fire, flood or theft. Without it, only the owner of the property is covered.

What is standard fire policy?

A fire Insurance Policy is Fire Insurance for the covered property indicated on the policy.

What do I gain by purchasing regular auto insurance rather than discount vehicle insurance ?

In general, you gain more coverage for the required stuff (liability, injury), and coverage for things not covered by discount insurance such as theft and fire.

What is covered under third party car insurance?

There are several different types of third party car insurance, including fire damage and theft. The specific types of coverage in a given contract can be arranged with an insurance agent.

What is covered by comprehansive insurance?

Comprehensive Coverage on your Auto Insurance Policy covers for a covered loss that is stolen or damage by causes other than collision or upset. Such as Fire, Theft, Vandalism, hitting a bird or animal, wind, hail, flood or earthquake.

What if your car is stolen and you have third party only cover?

I think you are not covered. Third party insurance only covers you for damage to other peoples cars. If you have third party, fire and theft then you would be covered.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire or theft?

Most homeowner's insurance policies will cover fire and theft. Individual companies and policies will vary, so be sure you check with your insurance agent to verify if yours does.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to the walkways damaged by trees?

Homeowners insurance is a "Hazard Insurance" It covers your property from unexpected "Sudden Losses" that result from covered perils such as, Fire, Wind, Hail, Falling objects, Theft etc.

Is a burned mower covered by home owners insurance?

If you mean it was burned in a house fire yes it would be covered under your home contents coverage.If your asking about an old lawn mower with a burned out motor not related to a house fire, then no it wouldn't be a covered loss.Homeowners insurance is Hazard insurance that provides coverage for your home and contents from losses resulting from the covered perils listed. Typical perils are Fire. Wind, Hail, falling objects etc.In the UK most reputable Insurance Companies will include the contents of the Garage and other outbuldings, for fire damage, theft etc. the level of cover depends on your policy.

What types of vehicles is auto insurance required for?

Any Vehicle that is road worth must have insurance for at least liability. If the vehicle is not road worthy it does not have to have insurance but will not be covered for anything if someone were to damage it by fire or theft. Insurance may also differ from country to country.