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I would also like to know because I just ate three a month past the expiration date 😂

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Are you still alive?

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Q: Is eating a honey bun a month past expiration date bad?
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Is it safe to eat nuts after expiration date?

No I dont recommend eating anything after the Expiration date

What foods do not have an expiration date?

The only true food that does not have an experation date is honey...but it does crystalize, not go sour or rot.

Why is expiration date important?

It depends what kind of expiration date like on milk or food or drinks it should say A black Print that says a month and a date and the year thats the expiration date...

Is hourglass means expiration date?

Yes. Hourglass followed by year - month is expiration date. Hand with pointer finger lifted is manufacture date.

Can eating bottled lemon juice after the expiration date be harmful?


If an expiration date is 9-17 is that the month and the year?


Snapple expiration date?

lest then 1 month when open

Is a dialysis solution has an expiration date?

All drugs have an expiration date. These expiration dates are so closely watched that hospitals literally destroy millions of dollars in expired drugs every month.

When the expiration date of a condom has a month and year when does it expire at the end of that month or beginning?

When a condom has a month or a year, it expires at the end of the month

Can you get food poisoning from eating something that's past its expiration date?


Why does honey sold in stores have an expiration date on the bottles?

Because the law states that foodstuffs MUST have an expiry date but from your question, you obviously know that pure honey doesn't deteriorate so doesn't need an expiry date.

What does the expiration date on the manufacturers container mean if its only the month and year?

That the product will expire the last day of that month