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no they are cousins

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Q: Is dappy and tulisa brother and sister?
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Are the n-dubz brother and sister?

No, Tulisa and Dappy are cousins and Fazer is their friend

Did tulisa go out with dappy?

no because dappy is tulisa cousin hes like a brother to her

Is faze related to tulisa and dappy?

Fazer and Tulisa are in a relationship but Fazer is not related to Tulisa or Dappy. Tulisa and Dappy are cousins though

Is dappy cusions with tulisa?

Yes Dappy and Tulisa are cousins.

Are Dappy and Tulisa related?

Yes. They are cousins.

Does tulisa have a brother?

No, she has a sister

Is Tulisa and dappy from n dubz cusens?

Yes Dappy and Tulisa are cousins.

Are tulisa and dappy cousins?

Yes Tulisa and Dappy are cousins , that is the reason why their previous album is called uncle B which is Dappy's Dad and Tulisa's uncle.

Is dappy and tulisa Greek?

Tulisa and Dappy are not Greek they are from north London but their parnets are Greek

Does Tulisa From N-dubz Have Any Brothers Or sisters?

Yes, a sister no she dont have sister she is a only child i saw it in a interview dappy has an older brother called sprois and fazer has 2 brothers xxxx

Dappy's hatred of Tulisa's man causing tensions?

No, Dappy doesn't hate Tulisa's man.

Does tulise go out with dappy?

Tulisa and Dappy are cousins!