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it depends on where the bleeding took place but go to a doctor.

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Q: Is bleeding normal if it not your first time?
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Is bleeding the day after sex for the first time is this normal?

Yes, this usually happens when your hymen breaks. Totally normal :)

Is bleeding while on the ring normal?

Breakthrough bleeding in the first weeks after starting the ring is normal.

After your first time you bled Same with the second and third and it still hurts Is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal. The hurting, and the bleeding will go away over time.

Is bleeding normal for the first week of pregnancy?

No it is not

What is a normal bleeding time for a male?

That would be never.

What is the normal bleeding time?

The clotting time must be between 3 and 8 minutes to be in normal range

Bleeding Time is normal or abnormal in fever condition?

The bleeding time can be different for an animal under different conditions. When a fever is present, the higher temperature prolongs bleeding time.

Is heavy bleeding normal in the first few days of an IUD?


What is normal value of bleeding time in males?

This query needs to be either rewording or some addition clarify of the question. That is clarify "bleeding time in males."

Is spotting after straining on the toilet normal in the first trimester?

No, spotting after straining on the toilet is not normal in the first trimester. Any spotting or bleeding during pregnancy is not considered to be normal. While it could be implantation bleeding, it would be wise to get examined by your doctor or obstetrician.

Your husband bleeds the first time you made love?

It is perfectly normal to notice bleeding after sex, due to rupture in the male penile if sex has been a bit rough. However if the bleeding persist, check with a physician.

Is cramping and bleeding during the sixth week normal?

It depends on how heavy the bleeding is. Its normal to sometimes spot during pregnancey. Cramps, all the time. If bleeding is heavy its a possible miscarraige you should see docter immediately.