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If it were a large enough shock, like, say, being struck by lighting, you could be seriously injured. However, ordinary static shocks, like from rubbing your feet on the carpet or pulling a sweater out of the dryer, are harmless.

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Q: Is being static shocked harmful to your health?
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What kind of energy do you experience when you get shocked from a metal doorknob?

The kind of energy you experience when you get a shock from a metal door knob is an electrostatic discharge.

How can static electricity be useful to to people?

Filters inside industrial cooling towers use static to ionise harmful particles in exhaust smoke and thus prevent them from being released into the environment.

If someone touches you while being shocked by a tazer will you get shocked?


What should you do if a coworker is being electrically shocked?

If a coworker is being electrically shocked, do not touch them, and shut off the power.

What is the effects of being shocked by 13200 volts of electricity?

The effects of being shocked by 13200 volts of electricity is probably death.

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Why do passengers that slide off a car seat onto the ground sometimes get shocked?

Static electricity. As you slide off the car seat . You rub both fabrics, (the fabrics being the car seat and you clothes) against each other producing enough static electricity to give you a shock as your feet touch the ground.

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Is lightning a type of elecricity?

Yes. Lightning is an eletrical discharge like being shocked by static. Lightning can be just about 40x hotter than the sun. it's when negative electrons and positive protons are charged and attract each other forming lightning.