Is alcohol really bad for you?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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In my opinion, it is. It messes up your liver and you can die if you get 0.50 of it in your blood stream. It is also considered a drug. And anything that can qualify as a drug (besides legal prescription medicine) CAN'T be good for you.

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Q: Is alcohol really bad for you?
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What is the drug in alcohol?

Alcohol (ethyl alcohol, or ethanol) is itself a drug. They are really adictive and do bad stuff to your body.

Is it bad to have alcohol in perfume?

no not really that's what people need to make perfume

Is alcohol bad for sex?

Sort of, alcohol is bad for your whole body but mainly the digestive system. Sex Is a sensation. Alcohol does not go anywhere near the penis or vagina. So alcohol is really good for sex in a way. It makes you orgasm more and ejaculate

Does alcohol expand when heated?

so you can tell someone you are sick when all you really have is a hang over Your answer is bad and you should feel bad

What alcohol make you drunk?

The only one that anyone should drink (in appropriate amounts) is ethanol. Consuming any other kind of alcohol (isopropanol/isopropyl alcohol: "rubbing alcohol", methanol: "wood alcohol") will be really bad for your health.

What is the bad ingredient in alcohol?


Why can't i drink alcohol?

you can, it's just a really, really bad idea (technically you can do anything, even spontaneously combust. it's just not good) alcohol destroys brain cells, halts growth, and will probably ruin your life if you consume it before age 24 and certain alcohol will kill you

Is acholo worse than cigaretts?

well there both as bad as each other but alcohol is worse as it is a poison to ur body, but cigaretts burn your lungs you should really do either its not so bad if you occaisnly drink alcohol but dont make a habbit of it.

What is alcohol and why is it bad?

Alcohol is bad because u drink while driving and u could have a accident while drinking alcohol

How much alcohol is bad for a teenager?

Any abuse of alcohol is bad for anyone, including teenagers.

Is polyvinyl alcohol really alcohol?

It is an alcohol. But the only alcohol that is in beverages is ethyl alcohol.

What happens if you drink alcohol and take alpha drol?

Alpha drol is very hard on the liver. Drinking while taking it is a really bad idea. In fact, messing with your body's endocrine system at all is a really bad idea.