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If you have a policy, then it should. Some coverages will be limited since you do not live there such as personal property.

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Q: Is a home covered by insurance if you dont live there?
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Does a 24 year old have to live at home to be covered by parents ins?

The 24-year-old does not have to live at the parent's home to be covered by their health insurance.

Are you covered by your parent's auto insurance in their car if you no longer live at home?

if you are listed as a driver on their policy, you are covered

Does car insurance cover personal contents?

Car insurance normally does not cover personal content that is not attached to the car. Your car stereo is covered (if it is installed) your iPod is not, nor are your CD's etc... They would however be covered on your home owners insurance, even while in your car. Well not 100%... if you live in Ontario and you get into a NOT AT Fault accident then your contents will be covered under DCPD. other then that no.. home insurance.

Does the child have to live at home to be on a parents health insurance?

i dont think so as long as they are your legal gaurdians

Can you buy home insurance for a home you dont live in?

Yes. You can purchase insurance for a house you do not live in. You may not be able to use your present company or agent. Still, call your agent for more information. When one insurance company would not write insurance on a house for me, a friend told me about an agent who would.

Is my daughter covered under my insurance if she is not on the policy and does not live with me?

No chance.

Do you have to get insurance on your child if they are living with their mother?

Your child can be covered under both your & the mother's insurance even if he/she doesn't live with you.

Does flood fringe require flood insurance?

If you live in a flood zone then you must have flood insurance. It is not covered by normal homeowners insurance. It is basically a federal program.

Flood Insurance is Valuable?

Flood insurance is extremely valuable and should be added to your list of protections. Available through the government, it can be added to most homeowner's policies. If you live in a flood plain, this insurance is necessary and will probably be required by your lender. It is important to note that flood insurance does not cover floods that originate from inside the home. A burst pipe will not be covered under flood insurance, for example. in order for the damage to be covered, there must be widespread flooding conditions in your area. However, if you live in an area that is prone to high levels of rain, flood insurance can give you invaluable peace of mind.

Can I drive my parent's car if they are in the car when I am not insured but they are?

Everyone in your household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a license. For example, if you live with your parents, you may not be covered if you are not listed on their insurance policy. On the other hand, if you live separately you could use their car with their permission and be covered.

If YOU live in a different state can you still be on my parents insurance?

my son is on my auto insurance policy but he has moved to florida and I live in Michigan. Can he still be covered on my auto policy if he now lives in florida?

You live in Washington State and have dependent children that live in MS and need to know if your Premera Healthcare Insurance will cover them?

Yes, it will be covered.