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Q: Is a graphics package hardware or software?
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Is a graphics package software?


Does Windows Vista have a graphics card built in?

Vista is software (a program) ... a graphics card is hardware.

What is packaging graphics?

A graphics package refers to the video hardware and software suite to a computer. The hardware package can include internal & external video cards and or processor integrated graphical processing units (GPUs).

What can Corel Photo Paint software be used for?

This is a graphics software package that can be used to make newletters, business cards, flyers or to be used for your home projects. It is a user friendly software package.

What software and hardware is needed to edit and create graphics images?

Describe what hardware and software is needed to create and edit graphic images?

What are the 6 common features of graphics software?

runescape, flyff, habbo, WoW, Xbox , Wii

Can you buy software that will help your computer graphics run smoother?

Graphics performance is largely dependant on hardware. The only software that directly affects graphics is the driver, which should be freely updateable from the manufacturer's web site.

Is there any software instead of graphics card?

no. You're question is illogical. Any sofware is useless if it doesn't have the hardware(graphics card) it needs.

Is NVidia PhysX Hardware or Software?

Both... it's software but has additional features if you have the proper NVIDIA graphics card that supports the PhysX hardware features... go to NVIDIA's website to learn more.

What hardware and software is there to create and edit graphics?

you don't need paint, paint won't always help ?

Is norton anti virus hardware?

No, It is NOT. It is a software. that you can download it from Norton website. A hardware is your computer parts that you can touch. for example, the motherboard, RAM, graphics card,etc...

Is VDU hardware or software?

A VDU is hardware.