Is Wentworth Miller Muslim

Updated: 10/21/2022
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to who ever asked..

there'r many wabsites that said he's Muslim..but what i think is:

let's take alook at wentworth's family tree..his great grandma is jawish from he's father's side,,and he has a gran ma from Mali,,people there r most of all Muslim,,also he has a lebanese syrian race,,so i guess he could be Muslim..

also,when people asked him he seems to not like to talk abt it,what's certain is that he's not Jewish..that's what did he say in Israel..still we'r not sure..

personaly speacking,,i guess he is

hi, itsn't because he is syrian, lebanese from his mom's side that he is Muslim

that's how i think about it maybe your right but not because he is Arabic that he is Muslim. And also he can't be Jewish because his mother isn't and your only Jewish when your mother is so he doesn't even have to say that he isn't

hi,no I don't think he's Muslim just because his mother is from lebanese and

syrian decent! I'm lebanese and I'm christian!! and in syria there's also christians so it's not a fact! (Shakira,mika,salma hayek are lebanese and they are all christians!)

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Q: Is Wentworth Miller Muslim
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