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NO! Michigan auto insurance is almost twice as expensive. I have a 2009 Ford Fusion and pay $792 for six months (minimum MI coverage) in Michigan. I bought a home in Orlando Florida and transferred my auto insurance to Florida and pay $408 for the same (minimum FL coverage). Clean driving record.

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Q: Is Michigan auto insurance cheaper than Florida auto insurance?
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Is teen auto insurance expensive in Florida?

Auto insurance get cheaper depending on you driving experience, and since teen have very little experience driving the insurance will be expensive.

If YOU live in a different state can you still be on my parents insurance?

my son is on my auto insurance policy but he has moved to florida and I live in Michigan. Can he still be covered on my auto policy if he now lives in florida?

Is it cheaper to buy a new auto in Michigan or Ohio?

Ohio is the cheapest place to buy a new auto, when you factor in car insurance and taxes. The insurance rates to purchase a new car in Michigan average $2551 annually, versus Ohio with an average of $1200 annually

What are the average auto insurance rates in Florida?

The average auto insurance rates in Florida are slightly lower than the national average. The average auto insurance rate in Florida is around $1,550.

Where can you get the cheapest non-owner auto insurance in Florida?

Acceptance Auto Insurance offers cheap non-owner auto insurance in Florida. Non-owner auto insurance is designed for people who only drive occasionally.

Is there an auto train from Detroit Michigan to Florida?


Where can a person go to find information on the best auto insurance companies in Michigan?

The website Michigan Auto Law designates the following four auto insurance companies as best: Auto-Owners Insurance Company, Home-Owners Insurance Company, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company, and Grange Insurance Company of Michigan. Alternatively, the website iSeeCars has its own ranking of the top ten such companies, as determined by the number of complaints.

How to Find Cheaper Auto Insurance in Michigan?

The state of Michigan requires all drivers to carry no-fault auto insurance on their vehicles. Michigan drivers who do not carry auto insurance on their vehicles can be sued and held liable for any accidents and can also receive fines up to $500. Michigan requires drivers to purchase three-part auto insurance policies, which include personal injury protection, property protection and bodily injury/property damage protection. Looking for cheaper insurance rates in Michigan requires diligence and understanding what insurance companies look for when determining insurance rates.Regulated RatesThe state of Michigan regulates its auto insurance to ensure that insurance companies are not charging excessively high rates. The state has a buyers guide listing the most competitive insurance rates, which includes 65 insurance companies. The listed companies are competing with one another to offer the lowest rates to consumers. This type of competition benefits consumers because they can easily find coverage that fits their budget. Shopping for insurance does not have to be difficult experience. Search the Buyers' Guide to Auto Insurance in Michigan for insurance agents' contact information to receive quotes.Group CoverageTo find cheaper auto insurance rates in Michigan, you should consider group coverage. This type of insurance policy offers cheaper insurance rates to members of an association or group. The coverage group and non-group policies offered by insurance companies are similar. Most group coverage insurance policies are given to members of private groups, such as AARP and AAA. Check with your group or an insurance agent to determine if you qualify for group coverage.Listing of Possible Discounts in MichiganThe state of Michigan has established several type of discounts that insurance companies commonly use to offer drivers cheaper rates. Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with vehicles that have air bags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft measures. Discounts are often given if you have more than one type of insurance policy with an insurance company. For example, you may receive a discount if you have home and auto insurance. Other discounts are given for students away at college, students with good grades and consumers who have good credit scores.

Where can I get good car insurance quotes for Michigan?

You can go to to search for auto insurance in the Michigan region for free.

What is the rate of auto insurance in Florida?

For the people that live in Florida the rate of auto insurance will vary for each state dependant on the area that the person enquiring about the insurance lives in. Throughout the years according to the information through the internet the rates of auto insurance in Florida has increased.

What are some tips to get cheaper auto insurance?

Some tips that are given to receive cheaper auto insurance include the type of insurance policy, reduce your risk reduce your cost, and being a good driver in general.

Is SR22 auto insurance required in the state of Florida after an auto accident?

SR22 auto insurance is definitely required to get through an auto accident in florida, as it is an essential part of paying off the debts of the crash.