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OK u are not that skinny because I'm in 5th grade and i weigh 60 pounds and i loose weight every school day because i have to work out

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Q: Is 70 pounds to skinny if you are in fifth grade?
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If you are in fifth grade and you weigh over 70 pounds are you overweight?

no it is overweight to be 100 pounds for girls 120 for boys under 70 is underweight

How much should a fifth grader weight?

A skinny fifth grade boy should weigh about 65-80 pounds A standard sized fifth grade boy should weigh about 81-95 pounds A chubby fifth grade boy should weigh about 96-105 pounds

A fifth grade girl weighs 130 pounds is that normal?

No that's way over normal. Most fith graders are about 50-70 pounds

Is a fifth grader supposed to weigh 70 pounds?

I do not know but I am a fith grader and I weigh 72 pounds.

How much should you weight in grade 5?

Im in grade 5 and I think Im fine. I weigh around 58 pounds and Im skinny. Dont feel bad if you weigh around 70. Thats normal.

You are 10 and you weight 53 pounds is that skinny?

That is a way skinny. in my world you should way beyween 70-85

Is a fifth grader supposed to weight 70 pounds?

that's underweight you might wanna see a doctor im in fith grade im about 5"3 and im 110

Is it bad that I am in seventh grade and weigh 67 pounds?

No, not at all! I am 70 pounds myself.

Is 70 pounds fat or skinny for a ten year old?

Depends upon your height, which is not given.

What is the average weight for a child in fifth grade?

70- 90lb depending on height and built but really just ask a professional doctor.

If you are in 5ht grade and you are a girl that is 4 10 how much should you weghi?

I would suggest asking your doctor, but a healthy weight would be anywhere from 90 lbs to 119 lbs, based on body mass index. That is not completely accurate, it depends on how active you are (whether you have a lot of muscle or not), especially if you are an older person. But again, talk to your doctor.

How much should a 54 inch girl weigh tha'ts in 6th grade?

i am 54 in and weight 70 pounds.