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"Big boned" is a polite way of saying overweight. The size of one's bones has no effect on whether you are skinny or fat.

Anyway. If your stomach isn't flat, if part of you hangs over your jeans, if something jiggles when you walk... then you are too heavy.

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Q: Is 140 too heavy for 12 year old boy that is 5'4 and big boned?
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How much should a 12 year old weigh whos 5'5 and big boned About 170 and between 180?

125 to 140 if its a girl. And 145 to 160 if its a boy

What is the average weight for a 13 year old who is 52 and big boned?

about 95-145 pounds is a reasonable weight amount for your heavy bones and your height.

Does marcel from 2much like big girls?

Kelly from B5 and Marcel from 2much like big boned girls, but you have to know how to take care of your self. And plus you can't be too heavy..they like thick and big boned, but not too big.

How do you find a boyfriend when you are big boned?

define 'big boned'? Jocks? You need a guy more 'big boned' than you are.

I am big boned and 5'9 can i ever weigh 110?

There is no such thing as being big boned. Yes you can weigh 110 pounds, I dont know if that would be the right size for you, but with diet and exercise it is possible. I would maybe try for 140 pounds.

How can you tell if you are fat or big boned?

fat - you look big . sorry but i don`t know about big boned .

Is there such thing as big boned?


If you are 5'6 and big boned how much should you weigh?

Female 140 pounds (10 st.) or a few pounds more. Male 148 pounds or a bit more.

What is the average Weight of a twlve year old boy?

well there isn't a real average weight because it depends on his height and body mass index but at least over 90 and probably under 140 unless he is just tall or big boned.

What does popped the chubbier mean?

It means you tapped the fatty. Boned the big-boned girl.

Can cats be big boned?

yes, they can.

Is 'big boned' a real condition?