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Sorry, they never do kiss. But, in a Samurai X movie, Kenshin is married to Kaoru.


you should check the manga out, i think they do kiss in the manga, i forgot, or Kaoru confesses to Kenshin. (:

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Does kenshin and kaoru have s** in manga

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Yes in manga

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Q: In what episode do kaoru and kenshin kiss?
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When do kenshin and kouru kiss?

yes and they also have s**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What episode in Rurouni Kenshin did the boys walk in on the girls in a bath house?

That would be episode 78 in season 3 (Tales of the Meiji). This was the episode that they were serving the bath house/inn because of Kenshin's torn kimono. Kenshin lost the money and in return they have to work for a certain amount of time to pay their bill. While working there, an artist sees Kaoru and falls in love with her. He tries to make her like him but fails. Misao had a plan and told Sanosuke, who proposed a deal with the artiest. Either hit Kenshin by sundown and Sanosuke hook them up, or he give up trying to make Kaoru fall in love with her. The artist fails to hit Kenshin but understand that Kaoru like him(Kenshin). He makes an abstract painting of Kaoru that Kenshin and the others laugh at while running from Kaoru.

Who was kenshin's second wife?

Kaoru Kamiya

Does kenshin love kaoru?

In the original anime series he doesn't show any sign of love to her...not sure about manga though...

Do Hikaru and Kaoru kiss?

In chapter 53 of the manga Kaoru kisses Hikaru on the cheek.

Who does kenshin love?

Kenshin loved Tomoe when he was 15, but she's dead. At first Kenshin doesn't show any sign of affection to anyone, but he later shows and tells Kaoru he loves her. Hope this answers your question!

Did kaoru die in the manga?

Are you talking about Rurouni Kenshin? No, Kaoru did not die. In Volume 24, we see what appears to be Kaoru's corpse. However, we soon learn that this was an corpse doll created from other corpses and carved into Kaoru's likeness. The real Kaoru was merely kidnapped, not killed. She lives to the very end of the manga.

Is there any romance in Rurouni Kenshin?

there aren't any romance so far in HunterxHunter 2011

Did kenshin love Tomoe more than kaoru?

There really isn't a right or wrong answer. But I can say this much of my personal opinion: back when he loved Tomoe, he was still a child, 15. Yes, he had loved her but whenever I think about it, I still think he wasn't so mature at that time, he was a murderer and a child. But when he met Kaoru, he was 28, VERY mature, and somehow, I think Kaoru is the one that truly made Kenshin happy.

Which episode of 'Prince of Tennis' did Ryoma fight for a Griptape?

The episode that Ryoma fights for the grip tape with Shinji is episode 22 titled, Kaoru no Sainan (Kaoru's Troubles)

Did Kaoru and Kenshin have a child together?

yes, they had a boy named Kenji. kenji was in the OVA movie- samurai X reflections....and the manga series

What did kenshin do when he thought kaoru is dead?

Well in a sense how should I put this hm.... Well when Kenshin thought that Kaoru was dead he went to another village and just stayed there. He didn't eat, sleep, NOTHING, he just sat there feeling sorry. And he also took a trip down memory lane (back to when he was married to Tomoe). And afterwards ...I leave that for you to discover. The rest of the manga volumes should be out already though. And I saw in the last volume there's supposed to be a new manga called "Kenshin Kaden".