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Sorry, they never do kiss. But, in a Samurai X movie, Kenshin is married to Kaoru.


you should check the manga out, i think they do kiss in the manga, i forgot, or Kaoru confesses to Kenshin. (:

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2010-03-05 00:02:41
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2021-07-05 19:21:52

Does kenshin and kaoru have s** in manga

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2021-07-06 14:59:49
Yes in manga

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Q: In what episode do kaoru and kenshin kiss?
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What episode Does Kenshin and Kaoru Kiss?

They never kissed in the manga or anime, only in the OVA, Reflections.

When do kenshin and kouru kiss?

In the Rurouni Kenshin anime series, Kenshin and Kaoru never kiss. However, in the OVA Samurai X: Reflections, they do kiss.

Do Kenshin and Kaoru kiss?

yes and they also have s**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When does kenshin and kaoru kiss?

In a chapter look on google imeages to find out

Do kenshin and kaoru ever kiss?

No, but they had a child named Kenchi I think...

What episode does kaoru kiss haruhi?


Kenshin and kaoru moments?

Kenshin and kaoru moments? There are some moments between them but I'm more of a Kenshin/Tomoe fan! Sorry.

What episode in Rurouni Kenshin did the boys walk in on the girls in a bath house?

That would be episode 78 in season 3 (Tales of the Meiji). This was the episode that they were serving the bath house/inn because of Kenshin's torn kimono. Kenshin lost the money and in return they have to work for a certain amount of time to pay their bill. While working there, an artist sees Kaoru and falls in love with her. He tries to make her like him but fails. Misao had a plan and told Sanosuke, who proposed a deal with the artiest. Either hit Kenshin by sundown and Sanosuke hook them up, or he give up trying to make Kaoru fall in love with her. The artist fails to hit Kenshin but understand that Kaoru like him(Kenshin). He makes an abstract painting of Kaoru that Kenshin and the others laugh at while running from Kaoru.

Who was kenshin's second wife?

Kaoru Kamiya

Will goro and kaoru ever kiss?

yup in the final episode of season 6

Age gap between kenshin and kaoru?

Kenshin's birth date is 1849, while Kaoru's birth date is 1862, the gap between their age is 13 years, kenshin arrived at Tokyo at the aged of 29-30 i think.

When did kenshin tell kaoru he loves her?

Sorry, What Show Is This xD No Seriously......

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What episode Does Kenshin and Kaoru Kiss?

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