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I did it,but I forgot how. It has something to do with turning the statues that are in the wrong place a certain direction.

Look in the journal, each picture has a name under it. On the opposite page, the names are written on the points of a compass. Look at the compass on the floor and turn each statue to face in the direction indicated in the journal.

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Q: In the game uncharted drakes fortune how do you pass the level in the library?
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In uncharted drake's fortune in level 3 the surprising find how do you get in the boat?

Go up to it and press triangle

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The legacy level in the game "Uncharted" is an advancement in which you embark on a new level while keeping your characters and emblems. In order to achieve the next legacy, you need to reach level 75.

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How many prestiges on uncharted 2?

In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' multiplayer mode, you do not prestige like in the Call of Duty series. Instead, you level continuously with money earned from matches you play and medals you receive in-game. Uncharted 2 originally had a level-cap of 60, but later raised the level-cap to 80. So, the highest level you can achieve in Uncharted 2's online multiplayer is 80.

How long does it take to beat uncharted?

Uncharted Drake's Fortune is divided into about 25 chapters. How long it takes to beat the game depends on your skill, and the difficulty you're on. You should be able to beat it in less than a day for sure.

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No, you only unlock boosters and skins when you level up.

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Charies gun is at the fight on the 1st level.

What level is it for enchanting a pickaxe to fortune IV on minecraft 1.2.5?

The Fortune enchantment only goes up to level III.

How do you beat level 5 in uncharted Drake's fortune?

you have to climb the castle and survive. When you get captured by the enemy Elena is going to save you and then you have to go in a car. That has a gun in it while being chased by people. Then it starts out into a new level

How do you beat level 13 on uncharted?

take it slow 1 kill at a time,always be patience in cover,make sure you always grab the grenade luncher when you see it cause i find it to be the best gun in crushing and when they chuck a grenade at you and when you cant run away all ways walk of the end and hang there in till it blows up