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Q: In the first 10th of a second in a collision the vehicle and everything inside are going at different what?
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In a colision the second colision is when the unsecured driver strikes the inside of a vehicle?

In a collision, the second collision is when an unsecured driver strikes the inside of the vehicle.

Help t avoid hitting the inside of the vehicle during a sudden stop of collision?

Seatbelt..or maybe airbag

What is the purpose of air bags in a vehicle?

The purpose of air bags in vehicles is to keep passengers and/or drivers safe in the event of a collision. When a vehicle stops abruptly, such as happens when in a collision, the people inside continue to move at the same speed that the vehicle was moving before the collision happened. This can cause many different types of injuries and can even cause someone to fly out of the suddenly stopped vehicle if they are not properly restrained. An airbag provides a "air pillow" for passengers to collide with in the event of a collision, which everyone would agree, is much better than coming into contact with a steering wheel at 25 MPH or faster.

What is the purpuse of seat belt in vehicles?

In a collision that brings the vehicle to a sudden stop, seat belts will prevent people inside the vehicle from being thrown forward, often through the windsceen.

When a vehicle is moving at 30 miles per hour so is everything inside it?

Yes, that is correct.

In motor vehicle crashes there are two collisions that occur upon impact The first collision occurs when the vehicle strikes another object The second collision occurs when an operator andor passe?

the second occurs from internal damage cause by occupants and/or belongings inside the car that fly everywhere because they aren't secure.

What happens to people inside a car during collision and laws that apply?

What happens to people inside a car during a collision and the laws that apply

How do you make a sentence with vehicle?

The vehicle had four tires, just like a car, but it was something totally different. The vehicle left the area as soon as the patients had been placed inside.

How do you measure shoulder room in a car?

how do you measure the shoulder room inside the vehicle. how do you measure the hip room inside the vehicle. how do you measure the head room inside the vehicle. how do you measure the leg room inside the vehicle.

What happens to people inside a car during a collision?

when your inside a car, and you dont have your seat belt on, your like a missle

What is the meaning of the song 'Inside Out' by Eve 6?

inside out means everything on the inside is on the outside and everything on the outside is on the inside simple :) :D

What are the separate collisions that occupants can experience when a crash occurs?

They are known as 'secondary' injuries to the original collision because they occur AFTER the occupant suffers the impact of the initial collision and occurs when the passenger is thrown around either inside the vehicle or ejected from it. The three collisions that happen when a car crashes is: 1. the car with the object 2. your body with the car 3. your internal organs with your skeleton.