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Q: In order to maintain wellness the parts of the health triangle always need to be?
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In order to maintain wellness the part of the health triangle always need to be?


In order to maintain wellness, the parts of the health triangle always need to be _____ and?

(Apex) Working together and in balance.

In order to maintain wellness the parts of the health triangle always need to be and . Select two responses?

In balance and working together

How is wellness related to the health triangle?

Wellness is keeping a balance among the three elements in the health triangle

What is the definitions of the health triangle?

The UK's online health and wellness magazine is called 'Health Triangle' (which you can read on the website). This name was chosen because it reflects the notion that the maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through different combination of physical, mental, and social well-being, is together sometimes referred to as the "health triangle".

What is the difference between wellness and illness?

The difference between illness and wellness, is that illness is a state experienced by the body when one or more of the control systems loose the ability to maintain homeostatis. On the other half wellness is the promotion of health though preventive measures and the pratice of good health habits.

How can you use the words health and wellness in a sentence?

The health and wellness of our students is a high priority.

Models of health and wellness?

In nursing it is:"Understanding and predicting the client's health behaviors, including the use of health care services and adherence to recommended therapies"-Fundamentals of Nursing, Potter and Perry.I can't tell you any more than that as I am trying to find out myself

Where can one find information on health and wellness?

Health and wellness information can be found at almost every local health clinic or hospital. Another great resource for health and wellness information is the library.

Maintain A Balanced Lifestyle?

Your health and wellness are the most important things that you should take care of. In order to survive, you have to remain healthy. Have routine health check-ups done by your doctor to keep track of your blood pressure and other vital signs. Maintain a balanced diet and exercise regime so you can keep your body healthy and in shape. Health and wellness programs are available at local community centers and hospitals.

What is alternate word for health?


What did zoriana hyworon invent?

wellness checkpoint (health-assessment computer software) wellness checkpoint (health-assessment computer software)