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It used to be a mod only wep but with the new doomwood update you can get it. What you have to do is kill 100 monsters where the knight says "There are too many!". If you leave the area you have to start over. When you unlock the shop you spend 25k to buy the medal which is an ingredient to make it. so far, there has not been the update to merge it yet.

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Q: In aqworld where you get blinding light of destiny?
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How many undead badges do you need to get the pristine blinding light of destiny in dragon fable?

To merge the Guided Blinding Light of Destiny into the Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny you will need 10 undead slayer badges.

How do you get a mighty blinding light of destiny?

8 5 or 10 undead slayer badges

Aqworlds where to get blinding light of destiny?

The blinding light of destiny is astaff-only item. The only way of getting it, is to become a staff member yourself, but I kinda doubt Artix will let you become one ,unless you posses an advanced computing skill (this comment was written by an 12 year old XD) The Blinding Light of Destiny is coming out soon, you have to have the supplies to create it thoughm Actually he is wrong you can get it at necropolis by doing all of Artix's quest it is non-mem and ac free get from quest.

Best light weapon on Dragon Fable?

the brilliant blinding light of destiny or if you dont have a d.a. go to warlic and do the crystal cave quest to get a good light weapon cuz the destiny weapons are expensive and time consuming to cultivate

How do you get artix sword?

you must be done artix quest called memory-demons and must have blinding light of destiny you can have that from quest memory-demons if you lucky you will have it with 1 turn do the quest you have that. if you have that go to artix talk if have that the new talk will be discoverred called sword,axe and mace? after that click talk before which called last sword,axe and mace. after that make your choice you want sword blinding light of destiny sword axe briliant blinding light of destiny mace undead slayer powerfull mace of destiny alright than thats can help you :) ! (sorry my english mess because i am Indonesia is not English)

How do you complete the Blinding Light of Destiny?

Assuming that you mean "Blinding Light of Destiny"; I can attempt to answer this question.The Blinding Light of Destiny is considered the most difficult item in the game to obtain. In order to get it, you must complete Part 1 of the Doomwood saga and finish the quest chain that leads up to it. The quest chain may take you months to complete as it is quite long and rather boring. You will begin the quest chain with Artix, in the Necropolis. Once you have finished the quest chain, you are required to complete the quest "Blinding Light of Destiny" to recieve the Axe. The requirements are as follows:The completion of all quests before it.125 Bright Auras75 Brilliant Auras1 Blinding Aura500 Spirit Orbs250 Loyal Spirit OrbsAnd finally, The Ultimate Weapon Kit.Once turned in, you will receive the axe.Keep in mind that it will most likely take between 3-9 months to complete it.

When was This Blinding Absence of Light created?

This Blinding Absence of Light was created in 2000.

How do you get artix's axe aqworlds?

the platinum axe of destiny was a platinum version of artix's axe but has gone rare now, the Blinding Light of Destiny his real axe u can get after doomwood part 2 finishes probably

How many pages does This Blinding Absence of Light have?

This Blinding Absence of Light by Tahar Ben Jelloun has 196 pages in its English translation.

What is the ISBN of This Blinding Absence of Light?

The ISBN of This Blinding Absence of Light is 2-02-041777-4.

Is blinding light a hyperbole?


What is the BEST fire weapon for a level 17 on Dragon Fable?

Warrior: Wildfire Rogue: Fire Swirl Mage: Ebon Flame