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Teenagers and Auto InsuranceYes they can and will. You as a parent are financially liable for any damages caused by your minor child. By proxy your insurance company will be responsible for any damages your licensed child causes in an accident. Your minor child can only obtain a license with the parents consent. Failure to provide financial Responsibility for your licensed child is a form of neglect.

All Insurance companies know that a licensed teenager will drive, Otherwise whats the point them of them having a drivers license? Your insurance contract requires that you disclose all licensed drivers that have access to your vehicle.

This is something that you may need to discuss with your insurance agent since I am not familiar with the laws of Florida.

Most companies will charge you for a teenage driver unless you and they sign a statement excluding them from the policy. This could present serious problems if they were driving someone else's car and were sued for some reason. This would place the entire family's assets at risk.

What if they were driving your car in an emergency and had an accident? Insurance for a teenager can be very expensive but so can not having insurance.


If you read your insurance contract under who is insured, you will find the wording allows for this teenage drive to be covered automatically. The insurance company has the absolute right to charge a premium for this risk. Most times insurance companies will not offer a Named Driver Exclusion for this type of driver. Let me give you an example. Let�s say your teenage driver takes the car out one time while no one is home or everyone is asleep to show off to his friend (I use to be a teenager once). While he�s driving his friends around a cop decides to pull him over. He�s not suppose to be driving the car, so being a thoughtful teenager, he realizes if he can just get home without anyone knowing everything will be fine. During this high speed chase this experienced driver losses control of the vehicle and slams into a utility pole. He and two of his friends are seriously injured, the third friend was on the passenger side that hit the pole so he�s dead. Fortunately, you have a Named Driver Exclusion on junior. Here is how it works: Insurance company is screwed. They have to pay, by law, up to $10,000 under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP or No-Fault) coverage for your son. This will cover a percentage of medical bills and a percentage of lost wages up to that limit. They also have to pay up to $10,000 under the property damage coverage to repair any damage done from hitting the pole. This can include actual damage to the utility pole, any cost to make repairs, and any loss incurred by the utility company for lost services. (yes, the exclusion does not apply to these minimal coverages, only any additional coverages on your policy) Friends parents are screwed. They are facing possible tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills for their kids. Your auto insurance could have paid under the Bodily Injury Liability coverage for these injuries but fortunately you excluded that coverage for this claim. The poor kid who died, his parents are distraught. Their child is dead and now they have to come up with a way to pay for his funeral. That�s just what they need, financial hardship along with a dead kid. You are screwed. You are liable for this accident. At best you will spend a long time in court and a lot of money on attorney�s fees to defend yourself for the injuries your teenager caused. Most likely you will lose. Unless you have a few hundred thousand laying around, you will pay for the rest of your life. The kids parents are screwed again because they have bills due now, not for the rest of your life. Now you and the other parents involved are going to try and sue the insurance company looking for a loophole to get them to pay even though they shouldn�t because they didn�t pay due to your request. They didn�t charge you for the insurance, they shouldn�t pay for it. Irregardless, they are screwed again because they have to defend themselves for a frivolous case in which they may not win if the jury is overly sympathetic to you and the other parents. Most likely your insurance company will not renew your policy because a driver had and accident while excluded from your policy. Good luck finding a new insurance company. I know teenage drivers are expensive to insure. I am sympathetic. However, I would just pay for the insurance rather than jump through a bunch of hoops to potentially screw everybody.

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Q: In Florida can the insurance company charge you for a licensed teenager if they do not drive?
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Will insurance company cover damage to parents car when unlicensed teenager crashes?

No. Unless you had the teenager on your policy, but at the same time you knew that the teenager was unlicensed! So, get the teenager licensed and put him on your ins. policy and then teach him how to driver safely and not crash.

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Where can one purchase car insurance for teenagers?

If you are needing to purchase car insurance for a teenager, it is best to call your current insurance company and have the teenager added on to your current policy.

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How does one become licensed and bonded for a home remodeling company?

There are 2 ways to become licensed to do home remodeling in Florida. 1) Study & take the test to become a General Contractor. 2) Put an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist for a qualifier for your company. To get bonded, you need to call an insurance company or Google it.

Can you work for an insurance company without an insurance license?

The answer is NO. Yous can work in the office as an office assistant, but you cannot sell insurance. No company would appoint you if you are not licensed.

If your teenage son's grandparents bought him a truck which was financed by them and insured in their name how do you go about getting insurance in your name?

The teenager should have been listed on the policy of the truck as the primary operator. You then call the insurance company and ask them to provide a policy in the name of the teenager. Now if you were not disclosing the teenager to the insurance company to avoid the extra premium then you have a problem. The teenager has no history with any company and in many cases will not get anything close to a good rate.

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What is the five digit insurance code for Hartford insurance in the state of Florida

Do you need a licensed to get car insurance?

When it's a self-driven car, you need license to get car insurance from any insurance company.

Is insurance required for a teenage driver who lives with you but received license from non-custodial parent and only drives when with them?

This teenager did not get a license from the non-custodial parent. He got it from the State. And if he is licensed and resides in your household, your insurance company needs to know. He just might have to drive you to the ER or something.