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Q: If your insurance pays for a roof can you claim it on your taxes?
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Is there a website that shows you steps to replace roof damage through insurance?

I would suggest reviewing your policy to see if the roof is covered in your insurance, then contact the claim department at the insurance copy to file a claim.

If you were paid by an insurance company 6 years ago to get a new roof but did not and now have a different insurance company on the same house can you make a claim on the roof with new company?

You can make a claim, but if you are claiming the same damages that is insurance fraud and it is a federal crime. If you have unrelated damages you can make a claim, or you can disclose the prior claim to your insurance carrier and they will advise you if there is any coverage that would apply.

Can you claim roof damage on a new roof?

It is VERY important to have a professional roofing insurance resoration specialist inspect your roof first. This person will determine whether or not you have a claim. Next, you will contact the insurance company to make a claim and an appointment. The restoration specialist will be there to meet with your claims adjuster.

If a tree falls on your moon roof what insurance coverage do you use?

File a claim on your comprehensive auto insurance if you have it. Your homeowners insurance will not cover damage to your vehicle.

How long you have to wait after getting a home insurance to make a roof claim?

You make the claim as soon as possible within reason after the roof damage occurs. If your roof was already damaged prior to purchasing the policy. it will not cover pre-existing damage.

Are proceeds from insurance for roof replacement subject to tax withholding?

No, proceeds of an insurance claim are repayment for your financial loss. It's not considered income.

Do you have to repair what was damaged or can you repair something else?

This question doesn't really make sense. You can't make a claim on your roof damaged by a storm then repaint your automobile if this is what you mean. You must fix what the insurance company pays you to repair or they will certainly cancel the policy.

How much time do you have to file an insurance claim for property damage such as roof damage?

Usually a year, but the sooner the better. The policy may not cover it if you reported the claim late. If the roof is due to age, wear, tear or faulty construction the roof would not be covered anyway.

Can you make a claim on your home owners insurance if a tree is causing your roof to get soft spots and gather moss?


Can your insurance company deny claim for damage to roof due to poor workmanship by original roofer?

Absolutely, or else they would pay for every roof in America, then go bankrupt.

Do you pay taxes on a homeowners insurance settlements caused by hail damage?

The amount paid to replace a roof is not taxable unless you tried to take a deduction for a casualty loss on your taxes for this.

When a claim is made on a roof do you have to spends the funds on the roof?

Most insurance companies are going to want to inspect the roof after repairs are made. Also, if you don't repair the roof your insurance may be canceled. If you are able to do the work yourself you can save some of the repair money but, you really need to know what you are doing because it's not as easy as it looks. I'd say, get the roof repaired.