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You do not have to, but if someone was in dire need of your help, would't you help? I would.

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Q: If you witness an auto accident must you stop and help?
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You witness a boating accident what must you do?

i believe it is stop and offer help unless it is dangerous to do so.

What must you do if you witness a boating accident?

i believe it is stop and offer help unless it is dangerous to do so.

What would you not do if you witnessed or were aware of an accident occurring or a mistake being made?

The worst thing you can do if you witness any accident is to leave the scene, unless you must do so to get help. If you see a mistake being made, you might want to inform that person that they are making a mistake and what the consequences might be.

Why do auto accident settlements take so long to be concluded?

When someone is in an auto accident it often seems that the settlement takes a long time to come to a conclusion. This is because all parties must provide information to the insurance companies and the insurance companies must undertake a thorough investigation.

How soon after an auto accident do you have to report it to your insurance company?

IMMEDIATELY, your policy will say, ''you must promptly report all accidents''

How does one file auto accident insurance claims?

After a car accident, one must immediately contact their insurance company to file an auto accident insurance claim, even when the other driver was at fault. Make sure to have all the other driver's insurance information so that the other company can thoroughly investigate.

Can a insurance company back date a auto insurance policy?

No, the reason is that there could have been an accident or any other situation. An auto insurance policy must be in force it cannot be back dated.

When you are in an auto accident with no insurance will the other persons insurance pay for their cars damages?

Their insurance policy will pay for their own car. However you must know it's against the law not to have insurance coverage for your auto.

"Where can I find extended auto warranties for 2010-2013"?

You must contact your auto dealer for this and they will help you with everything you need for the extended warranties.

Can police let you go and demand you turn yourself in after single auto accident?

The police can let you go and demand you turn yourself in after a single auto accident if they feel a crime has been committed. All accidents must be properly reported and properly dealt with to avoid possible legal action.

What are the auto insurance limits for CA?

There are no limits to insurance but there are MINIMUMS you must carry and they are: $15,000 for Bodily Injury Per Person $30,000 Maximum Total For Bodily Injury Accident Per Accident $5,000 Property Damage

How soon must your husband consult with a lawyer after an auto accident?

Generally you first file an accident report and file a claim with the insurer. You would not need to consult an attorney at all unless the insurance company refuses to cover your loss.