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You probably would.

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Q: If you were in a car wreck in a company vehicle and the at faults insurance only paid for half the bills who pays the rest?
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What does it mean if you hit a car with your car?

It generally means you and your insurance company are liable for the repair to the other vehicle and any other bills incurred.

What happens with the insurance if you get in a wreck and its your fault?

We typically contact our insurance company and report the accident and the circumstances. That way the insurance company can pay the bills for you.Answerthe insurance company raises your rates and pay a deductable

Can an insurance company deny your medical bills because they believe it is fraud?


Will car insurance cover a carjacking including medical bills and car repair?

Have to ask your insurance company about that.

What are car insurance laws in California if someone hits me and they are at fault?

They or their insurance company needs to pay for damage and medical bills in the accident. If they don't have insurance, they can still be sued for the accident by the victims insurance company.

Can you collect pain and suffering in a no fault Kentucky state?

I just recently got into a motor vehicle accident about over a month ago. I am still going to P.T. and as far as my insurance agent has explained yes they are responsible for pain and suffering. I was told the no fault was your insurance had to cover 10k of your medical bills so your not stuck waiting on the other persons insurance company to start paying. Once the p.i.p. has been meet of 10k the rest goes to the at faults insurance company. I also recently got medical forms related to my pain and suffering letting them check my medical history but not sending those off until lawyer friend looks them over. I have had the worst time dealing with the at faults insurance company the stress alone has been awful. They keep you on the phone non stop for the first time in five years I have went over my monthly minutes on my cell.

If your car insurance carrier paid your medical bills after an accident and the at fault insurance company paid you can your insurance carrier come after you for the money?

yes and they usually do.

What do you call it when the doctor bills the insurance company to get paid out?

A direct payment. Claim Submission. The Physician office will submit a "claim" to the insurance company in order to be paid for the services rendered.

What insurance covers medical bills in an accident where someone not on the cars insurance was driving and wrecked?

The un-insured driver will have to turn to their health insurance company for coverage if he carried no auto insurance.

Who reimburse your health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a settlement from your auto insurance you or auto insurance?

The insurance company would pay them directly to make sure they are paid.

Does the other insurance company have to pay for all medical bills if the accident was their client's fault?

Depends on what state you are in and what your state's laws are. If you're in a no fault state, your insurance will pay for all of your medical bills no matter who is at fault.

If someone breaks their foot on my property can I file a homeowners insurance claim for their medical bills?

Yes you May all you have to do is get intouch with your insurance agent or Company.