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Absolutely! You can most definitely NOT do this. The most you could survive for is 2-4 weeks. You need vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats to live! EAT!

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Q: If you only drink beer and hardly eat does it affect your health?
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Can 1 drink of beer affect a 3 year old brain?

1 drink being one whole beer? If so yes

What is the effect of when human drink beer?

Th effect on humans when we drink beer is that it literally destroys us and our health. You are literally just asking to die.

If you are not allowed to drink alcohol can you drink o'douls beer with no effect to your health?

O'Doul's contains about 1/2% alcohol. That is enough to trigger the addiction in many alcoholics. For other people, neither O'Doul's nor any other beverage is likely to affect their health if they don't overdo it.

How do you increase your charm in stick RPG?

Smoke or Go to the bar and drink beer smoking lowers tour health so stick with the beer

Can you drink beer on private property in Michigan?

Yes, you can drink your beer on private property, if you can legally drink beer to begin with.

What did explorers drink?

Beer beer beer

Did James Madison drink beer?

yes he drink beer and his favorite was butter beer yum

Can you drink beer with liver problems?

Yes, but it's always wise to consult with your health care provider for specifics.

Can you drink beer and take atenolol?

can you drink beer,and take atenolol

What benefits can you have from beer?

You can't really get a good benifit from drinking beer, because then you are most likey to get addicted and start to drink above the influence and that can cause you major health problems

What a person drink beer of?

A person drink beer of alcohol. Taste good.

What is the big drink with the beer sticking out on the side?

What is the drink with the beer sticking out of the side