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yes they are covered IF you had coverage, your insurance should pay up to your limits. If claims exceed your coverage, any auto insurance policy the driver might have would pay. If the damage exceeds your combined limits, you could both be sued for any remaining amounts.

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It really just depends on the type of insurance policy you purchased. Standard or limited lines policies differ significantly.

Standard policies tend to cover any permissive use driver as defined in the policy under the section "Covered Drivers".

Limited policies, also known as operator or named driver policies, although economical if price was an issue at the time of purchase, will not cover any person who is not named on the policy.

It would be best to simply to contact your insurance agent and ask about coverage advice for the accident. If you purchased your policy direct, meaning you have no agent to advocate for you, then you will have to rely on the advice whomever answers the 800 number when you call.

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Q: If you let someone drive your car and they crash are they covered?
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Do you need auto insurance to drive a car owned by someone else if you don't own a car?

yes, not for the car but for yourself. you will not be insured on their car though if you crash it.

What is 'cheap liability only car'?

it means you're covered only for a straight crash where you hit someone. no fire or theft cover etc.

If your in a car crash Will locked car doors open in a crash?

Only if someone unlocks them.

I am covered on my mothers auto insurance she has comprehensive if i drive someone elses car and get into an accident will i be covered?

you are covered ONLY if the owner of the car you are driving is insured for occasional drivers. Your mother's insurance has nothing to with another 's person's car that you have borrowed.

How often is there a car crash?

someone gets into a car crash almost every two minutes.

Is it legal to drive a car that is not insured on your insurance?

It is illegal to drive a car that is not insured for at least third party cover (i.e. if you hit someone then they - but not you - will get paid out). Therefore if the car is not covered on an insurance policy that YOU have then to drive it you would need to be covered on someone else's insurance. Some people hold insurance policies that allow anyone (with permission from the owner) with a valid license to drive the car and in this case you would b covered on this policy - many company cars have this sort of policy. It is you DUTY to make sure that you/the car has as covering policy before you drive it and that you can PRODUCE this policy for the police should they require you to do so.

Does drake bell drive?

yes, but he was in a car crash

Can a relative drive a car to work that you own?

Yes, if you give them the keys, they can drive it if they are of legal age with your permission. However, under your insurance, you can get blamed if they were to get in a crash or hit something or someone.

If I'm covered under my father's insurance can I drive my mother's car?

Car insurance is usually for a specific car. So if you are covered to drive your fathers car that would not apply to your mothers car.

Is it safer too drive a bus or a car?

car because if you crash bus don't have airbags and also a bus can tip over in a crash so the answer is a car

Where can someone view car crash videos?

You can watch car crash videos online at the YouTube website. Alternatively, you can also find car crash videos online at the Break website. Once on the page, do a search for "Car Crash."

Would I be insured to drive a car with owners permission?

The owner's insurance covers the car and usually whomever is driving it. Many people drive cars that belong to someone else. If you are a licensed driver, you'll be covered.