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Yours, you should have been paying more attention while driving. That is the way it is seen in the DMV, police and insurance companies eyes.

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Q: If you hit a car dead on the freeway who's at fault?
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If you hit a car whilest its parked iligal whos fault is it?

The person who could have prevented the collision. In most cases the car that is moving is at fault.

What if car A is at a four way light and needs to reverse to back off the white line and hits car B Whos at fault?

If car A is in front of car B, then car A is at fault

If a car is on main highway and a car pulls out of a hidden driveway and hits the car on the highway whos fault is it?

The car that was in the hidden driveway.

If you pass a car and he hits you in the rear end after you passed him whos fault is it?

YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because you passed him.

Who is at fault a car tries to pass you on the inside with insufficent room you are both moving forwards and hit oneanother whos at fault?

The car passing with an illegal lane change.

If a car backs into you while you are stationary whos at fault?

The car that is moving is the only one with the power to avoid the accident therefore, the other car is at fault. They may say they weren't moving as well though. Good luck.

Who is at fault if you rear ended someone on the freeway who ran out of gas and is parked without the emergency hazard lights on?

You are both at fault you shouldn't have ran into the car and he/she should have had there lights on you are not at fault if it was dark or you couldn't see them

I backed up in a parking lot to re-angle myself for a parking spot and hit a car behind me whos at fault?

You are.

Backing out of a parking space and hit a car whos at fault?

the person who crashed into you, because that person was supposed to have yield to let you pass

You breaked suddenly and the car behind you went into the back of your car whos at fault?

Normally the car that hit the other car is going to be at fault. The vehicle behind you was obviously too close and was not following at a safe distance that would allow him to stop if you did. The police should have issued him a ticket.

Who is fault is it if you hit a dead deer in the road and it totals your car?

the deer

If you hit a car from behind because someone else braked in front causing them to brake suddenly whos fault is it?

you are... by law, its tish enit