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You may bare some ramifications (rate increases etc), but if I am understanding this correctly you do not own the vehicle at all. The owner will be liable however the policy that you are listed/co own will be responsible for payment and could effect your rates, in the future as well.

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Q: If you have a joint policy with someone who is involved in a serious car wreck and you do not own the car are you liable?
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Whose liable when someone else drives your auto and has accident?

this greatly depends on your specific policy with your insurance carrier/ certain policy provisions may be required if the vehicle on the policy is being operated by someone other than the named insured.

Is your insurance liable if your vehicle wasn't involved in a fatal accident?

If you were driving someone elses vehicle and involved in an accident whether it be fatal or not then the person who owns the vehicle should have insurance on it and then the accident would be covered on that policy but if it goes over the amount that they have then its possible for yours to kick in and pay any extra.

Can you be liable if someone was driving your car and he hit a pedestrian walking out of a crosswalk?

It was your car so your insurance will have to pay. Never loan a car out to someone who is not on your insurance policy.

What if someone lones there car to someone who is not on there insurance policy and they hit you and there insurance policy does not want to pay?

First make sure you have filed a Police Report. You can sue both the driver and the owner of the vehicle for your loss. They are both equally liable.

Who is liable for damage when a school has someone park your car and damages it?

There are several possibilities here:You are liable, because it is your vehicle, that you insure.The valet may be liable, but good luck collecting anything.The school district may be liable because it happened (assuming it did) on their propertyCheck with your insurance carrier. They will know and will be able to explain your policy to you.

Are the parents personally liable if a 19 year old on with her own policy gets into a serious accident over insured amounts in Mass where the 19 yr old lives with her parents?

No she is an adult at 19.

As a notary you may be held liable if not adhering to the Wot policy - Correct?

Yes, I may be held liable for my actions

i have a renter and he is in the process of buying a new car..he asked me if he could use this address when geting car insurance. my question is if he were to get into an accident, would i in any way be liable with him using this address?

No you can not be liable for him using the address. It's just like when someone lives in an apartment complex if a tentant is involved in an accident the apartment complex is not at fault. His name is on the car title and on the policy. If he is the person driving then he would be the person responsible.

Are the parents personally liable if a 19 year old on their policy gets into a serious accident over insured amounts in Florida in a leased car where the 19 yr old is the leasor the parents co-signed?


Who would be liable for medical bills and pain and suffering for a car accident with someone else's car?

the 'at fault' party's insurance would be liable for the pain and suffering, the policy of the vehicle you are in if they have med pay (or manditory p.i.p in some states) will cover med bills as well....

Who is Liable for an accident if the driver of the vehicle that is at fault has insurance but the car he is driving is not registered in his name?

It really depends on the laws of your State and the policies involved. That being said, usually the policy on the car in question is primary in the resolution of any claim, and then the driver's policy would be in a secondary position.

Who is repsonsible if someone you did not give permission and does not have a license causes an accident my daughter who is listed on my policy did give permission?

You are still responsible for her and her decisions Legally the owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable.