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Switching Insurance Carriers During a ClaimMost insurance professionals advise against switching carriers haphazardly. Doing so could cause a gap in coverage, penalties or a mark against your credit if you fail to properly inform your old carrier. The best time to switch insurance carriers is just before your old policy is about to renew. With that said, it's probably best to wait, particularly if there is a claim in process. However, you should call your agent for a professional consultation.
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Q: If you have a claim pending with one insurance company can you change to another company?
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If you are moving to another state how can you change your automobile insurance?

If your insurance company is a nationwide company, simply update your address with them. If it is a smaller company that does not have coverage where you are moving to, then find a new insurance carrier where you are moving to, then cancel your old one.

Who and when did Reliable lic insurance endow annuities exist and did they change their name or merge and or bought out by another insurance company?

From 1967 to 1970

Can a person put another person on their insurance?

If it is Life Insurance, you can select any person you want as beneficiary. If it is Health Insurance, you can add a spouse and/or dependents. This will change your premium so you need to contact your Insurance Company for forms and approval.

If you change insurance companies after an accident does the prior insurance company still have to handle the claim?


What is needed to do to change a beneficiary on a life insurance policy if they have passed away?

Contact the insurance company and request a change of beneficiary form. They will mail the form to the policy owner. You fill it out and mail it back to the insurance company so they can update your life insurance policy.

What does the average insurance company cover for in home care for the elderly?

Different insurance companies cover differently. You have to call your insurance company to see what they cover specially. You could change insurance companies also.

If I were relocating to another state and need to get a new license will I need to change the insurance to my name if all the cars are under my parents names?

Most likely you will. You need to notify your insurance company of the move immediately so that they can change the garaging address. Ask your agent about whether or not your company even does business in your new state. If you are an adult, you need your own insurance in your name. You vehicles should also be in your name. Whether or not your company does business in the new state or not, you need to get with an independent agent in the new state to check rates. One company may be competitive in one state but not in another.

Does mortgage company know the change of the homeowner insurance to landlord insurance?

Your Insurance Company is required by law to provide a copy of insurance policy at renewal time to your mortgage company and to notify them of any endorsements or changes in coverage. They may Notice it if they review your policy.

Can you change home insurance companies when a claim has not been dealt with?

You can change insurance companies any time you want. However, the insurance company you have on the date of the loss is the only company which you can seek payment from for the damage. If you are having problems getting your company to address your claim speak with an attorney or a public adjuster.

Can you change auto insurance if you just was involved in an accident?

You can change your auto insurance at any time. It is up to the company to decide whether or not to accept your claim.

What do you do if your insurance company changed your policy without notifying you due to lack of inspection but you were never told and the finance company shows you have full coverage?

They can't do that. In most states, especially in California, an insurance company cannot change the terms of your policy unless it's in WRITING and why they wish to change it. Call your insurance company and find out what's up, and check your state department of insurance and find out there as well.

How do you transfer ownership of a life insurance policy?

You must request a "change of" form from the insurance company that issued the policy. Then, the old owner must assign new ownership, and both the old owner and the new owner must sign the form, mail it to the insurance company. Once received and processed, the insurance company will issue an endorsement to the policy, indicating the change of ownership.