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You probably did not get enough sleep. You may want to try to get to bed earlier. If they still persist, you probably should go to a doctor to find out if there are physical issues causing you to be dizzy, tired, and unable to focus. It is likely that getting to bed earlier will solve the issues, though.

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Q: If you get to sleep after 12 am even 30 minutes after midnight why the next day in the morning when you wake up do you feel dizzy and tired and can't focus on studying?
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What is this problem If you sleep after 12 pm even 30 minutes after midnight next day in the morning when you wake up you feel dizzy and tired and can't focus of studding and what Is the solution?

This can depend on a variety of things. Do you have a well-balanced diet? Are you sleeping during the day or consuming caffeine at night? Are you working out before bed. Try going to the doctor. You might be getting sick. However, the reasoning behind why you are tired and dizzy is due to a number of variables and more information needs to be provided.

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