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No it would be that tree you ran into's fault. You should exchange insurance information immediately with the tree. If the tree doesnt have insurance, he could be arrested and taken to jail, possibly losing his lisence to be near the road.

Incase you didn't get it, that is sarcasm posted above. Yes you would be At Fault, if not you who?

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Q: If you fall asleep while driving and total your car will it be considered your fault?
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Is a deductible due when the auto is considered a total loss?

Yes, if your own insurance is paying for an accident that you were at fault for provided you had full coverage and they are paying for your car. If the accident was not your fault, no you will not pay a deductible.

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Liability, or whether or not you are at fault, has nothing to do with your vehicle being deemed totalled. If the repair cost exceeds the local market value of your car, it is a total loss.

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