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It might not pop out but if you drink a lot your stomach will get very big,you can even die from drinking to much water!just the other day on the news i heard a girl was dared to drink 2 gallons of water! It was sad to hear that girl died

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Q: If you drink too much water could your bellybutton pop out?
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Where do pumas drink water?

Puma's drink water from lakes, rivers, pretty much where ever they could find water:)

Why all living things depend on water?

because water is what keeps you going in life but dont drink to much or you could die from to much water

Is it too much if I drink a glass of water every hour?

you should drink 7 cups of water a day so if you were to drink water every hour you could only do it for 7 hours each day😉

Can you drink soft water?

There is much confusion as to whether soft water is actually safe to drink. Some believe that it could cause an unhealthy rise in the body's sodium levels.

How much water do peacocks need to drink daily?

they drink water.

Why can too much water kill you?

Too much water can kill you, but it is not too easy. If you continually drink water, your bladder could internally explode if you don't go pee. it is not always a fast process. You have to drink a LOT of water for that to happen and hold it for awhile though.

How much water do mongoose drink?

What do mongooses drink

Can water make your but small?

If you drink it instead of soda or some other caloric drink, and you exercise, it could help you lose weight and in that sense it could. But just drinking water, without otherwise changing your diet or lifestyle, is not going to do much.

How much water should you drink while on ecstasy when you take half a pill?

it really doesn't matter how much water you drink, water doesn't do anything to you. just drink in very small sips, don't gulp it down because when you're on e you could catch the water in your throat and drown from it. half of a pill doesn't do much, it's the whole pill that you have to be extra careful.

What will happen if you drink too much sea water?

The salt from the sea water will cause you to become very dehydrated and could make you sick.

How much beer could a woodchuck drink if a woodchuck could drink beer?

He could only drink about 1/8th of his weight.

Could a person live on a toilets and if they had food and water only?

depends how much they eat and drink if they have all of it they will die