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As long as there is no other driver, you are technically at fault. However, some policies contain accident forgiveness clauses if its your first, or clauses that consider damage to your vehicle, you and your passengers would have been worse if you had not taken action to avoid the deer. If damage is worse because you swerved to avoid the deer, this argument will not work. Unfortunately, there is no Humanity clause in insurance policies that gives you a break for saving the life of an animal. However, your agent and adjuster may be as kind to you as possible, perhaps forgiving the accident so that it does not impact your renewal premium. It doesn't hurt to ask. or you can say the deer ran into the road, if it seemed like that to you.

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Q: If you crash while avoiding hitting a deer will your insurance company find you at fault?
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What does the company Car Crash Line do?

A Car Crash Line provides a emergency service to contact your insurance company to inform them about the car crash that happened and they will explain in detail.

If you hit a road barrier in a car crash. Would you have to pay for the barrier?

If you have insurance the insurance company covers it if you do not the cost comes out of your pocket

Is there a way to find someones auto insurance info?

Well, you could ask them. If this is pursuant to an auto crash or something like that, insurance info can be obtained through the NCIC database used by law enforcement personnel, though they may not release that information to you. If this is about a crash, your best bet is to submit the accident to your insurance company and let them track down the other company.

When a crash results in property damages of any amount who must the driver notify?

The owner of the property (if he can), the police and his insurance company.

If you crash a car borrowed with permission from a family member will their insurance or your insurance cover the damages?

You may need to check with the insurance company. Most companies will cover accidents that happen when a car is borrowed by a licensed driver.

Can a rental car company rent you a car with no insurance on the car you're renting?

No, because if you crash it, either you or them would have to pay for the damage.

How does a crash impact car insurance?

The result of the crash will be higher insurance rates. The rates will increase by a lot if your son is young.

Do you need insurance for yourself if all you want to do is practice driving with your dad on a learner's permit?

Your dad should add you to his policy, if you crash during training, someones insurance would need to be responsible, and if you are not on a policy, no insurance company will pay the claim.

How are bumpers good in a car crash?

is absorbs the shock of the car hitting your car

Do you tell your next car insurance company you have had a crash last year?

If they ask you, then yes, be honest with them. They most probably already know the answer to that one anyway.

What is no fault auto insurance?

In any state where no-fault auto insurance is required by law, you recover the cost of damage to your auto and to its occupants from your own insurance company. There is no need to prove who was at fault in the accident. For example, if two cars crash each other, each goes to its own insurance company to be reimbursed for the physical damage and medical costs which result.

Could your cars ACV be affected if it was in a previous at-fault crash and then in a second at fault crash that totaled it and the incidents were within 8 months of each other?

Actually I asked this question because it has happened to me. However I just got my offer report from my insurance company and the ACV wasn't affected at all. They went on the cars condition prior to the accident. I suppose the answer here is it depends on your insurance company.