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Presuming there is no agreement between that specifies something like this, you probably have no grounds of any type to get possession. Certainly not repo. I'm not sure there is any type of default at all for you to act on in any case. The lender requires that there be insurance - he may have a cause of action like repo - (although he'll probably just buy it for you, which he is allowed to do and charge it against the loan). Moreover, as I understand it, you say you co own and coborrowed the vehicle - as if you both have equal everything. I gather you have insurance for yourself and on the vehicle and correctly identified all drivers having access to the car, as required by the application for the policy? So why wouldn't that insurance also cover any driver of the car?

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Q: If you are the borrower and the co-borrower has the car and is not carrying insurance can you repossess the car?
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Can you get in trouble for carrying insurance for unlicensed driver?

No, I have never seen a citation for carrying insurance for an unlicensed driver. I recommend that all drivers should be insurance whether they are licensed or not.

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You may or may not have to provide insurance for them if they have their own vehicle but you are responsible for listing them on your auto insurance policy and providing your insurance company with their license information and birthdate.

Are you required to have auto insurance if you plan on driving in Georgia?

Yes, carrying auto insurance is mandatory in all states, including Georgia. Driving without insurance can result in fines and/or jail time.

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The cosigner on an automobile loan is not the person who has to pay for insurance on the vehicle. The registered owner should pay the fees for insurance. However, it is the cosigner's responsibility to make sure the registered owner is carrying insurance for the vehicle.

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