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they will deduct this unrepaired hail damage and call it ''pre-exsisting'' damage, ''related or unrelated''(related and unrelated only relate to the panel being repaired) damage, ''prior damage''

let's say your vehicle totals and is worth 5k, you have 2k in unrepaired damage, hail or any other prior to the loss unrepaired damage, a percentage or all of this prior unrepaired damage will be deducted from the value of your vehicle.(percent depends on co standards and year of vehicle generally), assume it was taken at 100% now your vehicle is worth 3k instead of 5k, see? this makes sense because you have already been compensated for this 2k when you were paid for this hail damage.

now if your vehicle is repairable, little different but not much let me know if that is the case and I'll go into that.....

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Q: If you are in an accident that wasn't your fault what does the insurance company have to pay if you have unrepaired hail damage you'd made a claim on?
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Is it legal to not get your car repaired after the insurance company paid the claim?

It is legal as long as you don't have an outstanding loan on the vehicle, if your insurance company paid the claim, and you keep the car. Your insurance company has the right to drop coverage or reduce the amount of coverage. If you have a loan, in most states, the check has to be issued to the body shop directly or to you and the lienholder jointly. Yes it is legal. However ... should you get into another accident, previous unrepaired damage is NOT covered and can cause a problem with determing what is the additional damage from the second accident.

Do you call your insurance company if you caused damage?

It is advisable to call your insurance company immediately in any accident. If you do not, they may think that you are trying to defraud them by hiding the accident.

What are car insurance laws in California if someone hits me and they are at fault?

They or their insurance company needs to pay for damage and medical bills in the accident. If they don't have insurance, they can still be sued for the accident by the victims insurance company.

How do you proceed with insurance in a single car accident with no injuries no property damage just damage to my car?

Call your insurance company and get a claim started.

Do you have to use check from insurance to fix auto?

If you haven't paid the vehicle off, then you must repair the vehicle with the insurance check. If you don't owe a bank anything, you are not required to fix the vehicle. Keep in mind, if the vehicle has unrepaired physical damage and you get in another accident the insurance company will not give you another penny. They are only required to repair the vehicle to the condition it was in prior to the accident. If it was already damaged, they won't give you a dime

If the driver of a car is liable for an accident who is liable the owner of the car or the driver's insurance company?

The owner of the car is liable for the accident itself and the damage. However, the insurance company might have to pay for it, depending on the owners insurance cover.

How does an insurance company determine the amount of money to give you for your car when it's totaled in an accident?

The insurance company will only pay the 'book' value of the vehicle as if it were in perfect condition unless damage prior to the accident was discovered and that damage will be deducted from the 'book value'.

Which insurance company pays if one car has no damage?

The Insurer of the at fault driver pays for the accident.

Is student insurance a necessity?

It is not a necessity, but is a very important thing to have. If you were to get into an accident or have something stolen, the insurance company can give you something for the damage.

What happens if you have car insurance and you have an accident?

You call your insurance company and report it. if the accident is your fault, with very minor damage, you would be better off paying for the damages yourself, rather than telling your insurance company and having your rates go up.

What happens if you get into a motorcycle accident and you dont have insurance and its your fault in Florida?

You are responsible for the damage you cause in an accident, regardless if you are insured or not. Having insurance transfers your responsibility to pay for the damage from you to your insurance company. If there are injuries to the other party, then the other party's insurance should pay for their injuries, but you are still responsible for the property damage you have caused the other person.

Do you have to call your insurance company after an accident where your car has no damage?

no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it