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Actually, one of the best cures for common lethargy is to be active. Instead of laying in bed, get up, dressed, and take a short walk. Walking invigorates the body, gets blood moving, and thus moves oxygen throughout the body.

If you continue to feel lethargic, you may be getting ill or possibly have a form of depression. Your family doctor can help sort out why you might feel lethargic.

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Q: If you are feeling lethargic what do you do?
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feeling gross and like you're about to throw up. also includes feeling high energy at one moment and extremely lethargic at the next.

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# Deprived of the power of motion or feeling; unabled 2 move # Dormant; hibernating. # Lethargic; apathetic.

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You should start with a visit to a veterinarian - mice are prey animals, so they will hide symptoms of disease until they are no longer able to pretend they are feeling fine. If your mouse is already lethargic, it is probably quite sick and in need of veterinary care.

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Lethargic means sucky and hookie whoo. Hoo yeah a