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Did anything accrue any costs that exceed $500.00? If not, it's not worth the damage it will do to your driving record. As long as nobody is hurt and there is no damage, just let it go and be more careful next time. :)

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Q: If you are at fault for an accident but there is no body damage on either vehicle should you still report it to your insurance just in case?
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What if a fraudulent vehicle accident and there is no damage to either vehicle?

Then the people will be charged with insurance fraud.

What does auto collision insurance mean?

Auto insurance consists of both liability insurance and physical damage coverage. Collision coverage is part of the physical damage section of an insurance policy and is designed to either repair or replace your vehicle if you are involved in an accident up to the fair market value of the vehicle. Collision will pay for both damages caused in an at-fault accident and damages caused in a not at-fault accident if the other party did not have insurance. If the other party did have insurance and they were responsible for the damages, the other party's liability insurance would pay for your vehicle damages through Property Damage coverage. You are responsible to pay for your collision deductible for at-fault accidents before a claims payout will be made.

Is it worth it to trade insurance info in a mild accident if there is no visible damage to either vehicle?

absolutely and should promptly report to company, other driver can come back in a month with entire vehicle damaged claiming you did so........

If you have auto insurance get into an accident while driving someone elses vehicle will you be covered by your insurance?

You should immediately report the accident both to your own insurance company and to the vehicle owner's insurance company. Depending upon which state you are in, either one or both insurance companies is responsible.

What happens when there is an accident and both parties agree no damage then A week later they claim damage?

If an accident occurred, it is not uncommon to find damage after the fact. Even in slower collision, there can be damage underneath the bumper of the vehicle. Happens all the time. In those circumstance, the party at fault can choose to either pay out of pocket for the damage or file the claim with their insurance company.

Who owns the salvage in an auto accident?

Either the cars owner or the insurance company who paid for the totaled vehicle

What does the term letting insurance refer to?

The term letting insurance refers to the insurance a landlord has for property they are renting. It covers damage to the property either through accident or natural disaster.

What to do if you lose your vehicle insurance?

Do not know what you mean. Did the insurance company cancel? Did you lose the card? New Hampshire and Wisconsin do not have mandatory auto insurance laws. If you have an accident any you are to blame, you still should pay the damage either out of your pocket or thru the insurance company. If you have insurance, you still have to pay for the damage, thru increased rates. I am opposed to mandatory auto insurance laws since they hurt poor people and even the insurance industry is opposed. Go to

As the registered owner of a vehicle with insurance what happens if your son is involved in an accident with your vehicle if he lives with his mother and is listed on her policy?

I am an Insurance Broker - dependant upon where you live, your son's accident will be covered, either by your policy (considering you have adequate coverage, or his mother's, considering her coverage) Here in Canada, no-fault allows our own insurer to cover the vehicle, no matter the driver.

What are the steps to take when one has been in a minor car accident?

The steps when one has been in a minor car accident where there are no injuries and minimal-to-no damage to both vehicles are still fairly similar to the steps involved in a major car accident. Drivers should turn on the hazard lights on their cars. Make sure to note the characteristics and license number of the other vehicle(s) involved. The police should be called immediately, even if nobody is injured and there is no major damage to either vehicle, because the insurance companies often look for a police report. Both drivers should attempt to move their car to the shoulder or off of the major road to avoid traffic congestion or further damage to either vehicle, but only if it is possible, safe, and very close.

In a wreck with no insurance and other drive had no insurance and no license what will the outcome be?

You will both be charged by the police with driving without insurance. This may make it difficult or very expensive for you to get insurance in the future. There will be no coverage for damage to either vehicle or any bodily injury

What happens after your car is totaled and you only have liability?

If a car is totaled in an accident and only liability insurance is present, there is a chance that the other party's insurance will pay for the vehicle if the accident was their fault. If a car is totaled, but no others were involved, then the responsibility falls on the registered owner. This will not release the registered owner from paying for the vehicle, either, if money is still owed on the car.