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This question is not specific enough, but from my interpretation, the person posing this question is asking if multiple policies can be taken out on the same vehicle at the same time. In Ontario, this would NOT be allowed as this would void all policies that have the described vehicle listed. Insurance is to indemnify the insured (who has insurable interest in the vehicle) and not allow for profit of the insured. Indemnification means to put the insured(s) and any innocent third parties in a position (financially and health wise, if possible) back to moments before the loss.

If 2 or more policies exist on a vehicle, and the owner/operator is involved in an accident, then neither policy would respond, since the insured has tried to profit from his/her misfortune. Even if the claim was legit (which would be questionable since there are more than one policy) as a prudent measure all companies insuring the vehicle involved would deny the claim based on misrepresentation.

On the application of insurance for automobile (OAF 1) would ask the applicant if he/she has already an existing policy for the vehicle described. If the answer is yes the underwriter would then refuse the application as the vehicle has a policy already existing. The only time an application with an existing policy would be accepted is if the previous policy was expiring and a new policy is required, not with the same insurer.

I hope this answers the person asking this question.

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Q: If you are already insured with one car insurance can you be insured with another insurance with out it affecting your first insurance?
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Yes only if you were previously insured with another company and lost your insurance or it is his companies renewal period , usually once a year.

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Yes, there is no bar in the insured person being beneficiary on another insurance policy.

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I'm almost positive that the answer is "yes", especially if the insurance company has already reimbursed you for your losses.

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Insurance is purchased for the car, not the driver. Until the car has been insured it cannot be driven by anyone. Note that most states do allow a short grace period after you purchase a car in which it can be driven without insurance to let you purchase insurance and handle title/registration paperwork. This grace period does not apply to a car that you have either allowed the insurance to lapse or have removed its insurance. If you already have another car insured (which it appears you do) and wish to drive a car that is not currently insured, contact your insurance agent and have them temporarily transfer the policy to the other car.

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Auto Insurance provides coverage for losses and liabilities of the drivers named as covered on the policy.

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The term "other insured" is another insured person exists who may cover the patient, the insured person who covers the patient on his or her insurance plan.

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You probably get arrested.

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Very basically, insurance is a contract (called an insurance policy) between one party (the insurance company) and another (the insured). In the case of life insurance, it is a life that is being insured. In return for the periodic payment of money (called a premium) to the insurance company, the insurance company agrees to pay a sum of money when the insured (whose life is insured) dies. The money is generally paid to the person (or sometimes an entity, such as a charity) that is designated in the insurance policy as the beneficiary. The beneficiary is designated by the insured when the insured buys the insurance but can usually be changed up until the time of death.