If we the people had no water would you die?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: If we the people had no water would you die?
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When lava gets in oceans can people die swimming in it?

It is possible. The lava would heat the water a lot. The people may die from that.

What are the problems faced by the people during drought?

They would have a problem of water. The crops would have demolished and The animals and humans would die.

What did people do if they had no water in the great depression?

Umm, just guessing here, but they would probably die...

Would a person living under water sink or float?

A person living underwater would die. But, people do float.

How does a drought affect people building and animals in the Caribbean?

drought can make people die because people depend on water and when drought occurs the earth is dry no water so people can die and also animals because they also need water to survive they would also die and the building are also affected by drought because when the sun shines on the building it gets hot and theirs no water to cool it down so the building would be too hot for anyone to go in it so the building would be abundant

Why is the nile river impotant?

its the only source of water in that area besides the red sea people would die of thirst and their plants would die so they would have to move and rebuild

What would happen if there was no pure water?

If there is no pure water, we would be diseased, unhealthy, and bugs would literally crawl out of our skin. Miliions of people would die and the whole world would be in terrible danger.

If you had no water what would you do?

You would die.

What if the world's water dried up?

people and animals would become really sick and probably die

What would happen to the earths weather is there were no sun?

Most of the people in our country and other country's will die because there would be no water to drink

What allows people and animals to survive on Earth?

Water allows people and animals to survive. With out water, all life on Earth would die. Even plants could not live.

Why is water importante?

Without water everything would die and we would to. No wter meand no animals or plants which means no people. It also keeps our skin healthy and hydrated us.