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Need more information, where is your damage exactly, where is the other partys damage/impact. If you had control of the lane, then the other party will likely carry the majority of fault. If you could give me more details I could be of greater assistance to you.

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Q: If two cars are backing out of parking spaces and one car is almost finished backing when the other car hits it with their bumper who is at fault damage to rear right bumper?
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Who is at fault in a car accident when you're backing out of your parking space slowing and he is driving down the lane backwards My right side back bumper hits his left side back bumper?


When you were backing your car you hit the other the bumper of other car which was parking. Could it be called an accident?

Answer Yes, This is a very common type of automotive accident.

Who's at fault in a car accident when you're backing into your parking space and he's driving forward. your left hand side back bumper hits his right hand side front bumper?

If he was driving forward past his intended parking space to take yours, then he is at fault. Cutting across is not permitted in parking lots although many people do it anyway.

Who is at fault in a car accident when you're backing out of your parking space slowing and she is backing out of her space My right side back bumper hits her left side back bumper?

Both of you are probably at fault. If you see another person backing you should stop and signal the other driver if possible. Otherwise stop and wait until that driver completes his backing maneuver.Added: It is the obligation of the backing driver to ascertain that his movement does not interfere with any other vehicles. In this instance, you both apparently failed to do so.

Who is at fault when someone runs into your rear bumper while you are backing up with cars parked on both sides of you in a single lane parking lot?

you are backing and they are going forward in the lane? more than likely it will be you, that is deemed 'at fault'.......the party backing must use a higher degree of care...doesn't matter (in this instance) that you are hit in the rear.......

You were backing out of a parking space and hit a pole on your back left bumper near the gas tank now your car wont start Any suggestions 1996 Nissan Altima?

Damaged fuel pump?

What if two cars backing out of a parking spot and a vehicle coming from your right backs out the two cars collide right rear bumper to right rear bumper who is at fault?

Both partys are at fault and each party will need to file there vehicle under there own insurance. Parking lot accidents are always share fault unless one of the vehicle was parked, but since both vehicles were backing out at the same time, both partys are at fault unless you get a kind person to admit it was there fault.

I was backing out of a parking space and the person behind me proceeded and i backed into the side of his front bumper He didnt see me and i didn't see him who is at fault?

Any driver that is the backing vehicle has a greater and duty and care to maintain proper lookout at all times. The driver that was traveling on the throughfare has control of the lane of travel and the backing vehicle must yield to them. Infortunately, you would the proximate cause of the accident for improper backing.

What does the Bumper Bully do?

The Bumper Bully is an ergonomically designed all weather bumper guard. It was designed to replace the ugly, bulky bumper guards and bumper protector products that glue to your car bumper. Our unique rear bumper protector shields your car bumper from the vehicle behind you. When properly attached it may help protect the bumpers finish from minor scratches during parking maneuvers. Having a Bumper Bully attached is like hiring a body guard to watch over your car. Stop being bullied by other cars. The Bumper Bully is an innovative new bumper protection product that's easy to use and quick to attach/remove. Its a temporary parking guard for the rear bumper that can be used for indoor parking garages, outdoor parking garages, valet parking garages and outdoor applications, such as street parking. Each year millions of dollars are spent fixing bumpers, most of which are damaged in parking garages and street parking. This figure is likely to increase, as more cars are being introduced with plastic bumpers. Likewise the demand for bumper protection accessories will also increase. The Bumper Bully is unique because it focuses on protecting the middle portion of the rear bumper, the area most often damaged in parking. Our rear bumper protector was designed for maximum rear bumper coverage (46”x12”), while maintaining a compact design.

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What are deformities?

A type of bumper made out of soft flexible plastic that deforms slightly at low speed impact and has a foam backing - this will stop the bumper cracking

What is the concrete bump called in the front of a parking space?

Stop bumper.