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Q: If the the pilot light goes out on a gas stove will gas leak?
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Does gas leak when the pilot light goes out on a heater?

No it shouldn't, There is a sensor that turns off the gas if the pilot flame goes out, The only way it would leak gas is if it as a faulty sensor, or a peice of depree gets in the gas line

Why dont you lite your stove after an earthquake?

You need to be certain there are no gas leaks. If you light a stove and there's a gas leak, this could initiate an explosion.

Why could a hot water heater running out of hot water faster then normal?

Generally that means there is a leak, there could be a clog in the "burner" or pilot light. like on a gas stove, the flame only comes out of one side, or none at all in some cases.

Breaks slowly goes to floor abs light comes on?

Vaccum leak?

Your water heater went off and does not want to turn back on?

Gas or electric? Gas If you have a pilot light but it will not light, the thermocouple is most likely bad. That is the small metal tube that sits in the flame of the pilot light and runs to the control valve. If the pilot light will not stay lit, thermocouple also. The thermocouple is about the only thing that goes wrong with a gas heater besides a leak. Electric Breaker tripped and will not reset. One of the heating elements is burned out and shorting out. Could be either one, but I would look at the top one first.

What can you do if gas was escaping from your stove?

Turn the gas of immediately and seek professional help from a qualified person. Do NOT attempt to fix it yourself. Most likely there is a leak in your stove. Also do not light and matches and open some windows.

When you push on the throttle on a 1989 Honda Prelude it goes then when you stop at a light it stalls?

May be a vacuum leak

What is a green flame on a Gas stove one burner does not come on automatically when you light it manually there is a brief green flame What is this?

if you have a refrigeration leak and freon is in the room it will be fiseine gas and is dangerous.

How do I relight a heater's pilot light?

Usually you can relight it with a lighter, and it will be good. If not you should shut it off so that you don't have a fuel leak. It shouldn't take much to fix any way.

What nicknames does Amanda Leak go by?

Amanda Leak goes by Daisy.

Will your truck leak oil if the oil sending unit goes bad?

Yes, it can leak at the sending unit.

What happens when rear seal goes out?

A leak happens