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Rex is the term for king ie george V rex

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Q: If the term Regina means queen what is the term for king?
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What is the term for the queen in lawsuits?


Why was Queen Victoria known as Victoria Regina?

Queen Victoria was known as Victoria Regina because "Regina" is Latin for "queen," and it was a common practice for British monarchs to use this title. This Latin term was added to the end of Victoria's name to emphasize her status as queen and to distinguish her from other individuals with the name Victoria.

Is the queens surname Regina?

The Queens surname is not Regina Rex. Regina is the Latin term for Queen and Rex the Latin for King. Hence her insignia shows ER, Elizabeth Regina or Queen Elizabeth. The same insignia is used for the King, thus if Prince Charles were to be King and he took the name Charles his would be CR, Charles Rex or King Charles. The Queens insignia also has the Roman Numerals II, acknowledging she is Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

What is a similar term for monarch?

King and Queen.

Which term is a synonym of king or queen?


What is term for the time a king or queen rules?


What is the term for an all-powerful king or queen?


What was the term for a colony under direct control of the queen or king?

The term for a colony under the direct control of the Queen or King was a kingdom. There were also parts of a kingdom called Principalities.

What is the Indian term for a king?

Shaba-naba :) And for queen is scabnar

What term applies to a king queen or emperor with power?

absolute monarch

What term to a king queen or emperor with total power?

absolute monarch

What term can be define as a government with a king or queen that has total power?