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the person who leaves

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Q: If the car door hits someone else's and they leave who is liable?
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Can you place someone things outside your door for them to get since they refuse to leave on their own?

no you shouldn't

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What do you do if someone knocks on your door?

Look out the window. If it's someone you know, you answer it. If it isn't loock the doors and keep quiet till they leave.

If passenger opens car door and hits parked car who is liable?

The insurance company of the car whose door was opened will pay for it.

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Who is liable when you are already more than three quarters of the way into a parking space-still pulling in- and someone opens their passenger side door into your car and damages both cars?

Going ONLY by the information disclosed in the question - it would appear that the person who opend their door is at fault.

What is the duration of Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator?

The duration of Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator is 1.3 hours.

Who is at fault when a person opens their car door into traffic?

It varies by country and/or state. In most areas, the person opening the door is liable for any damage.

Who is liable for damages if you leave your driver door open while putting packages in the back seat and a moving care hits the door?

You will definitely want a statement from witnesses, but typically the moving vehicle is responsible, as they have the most control of their vehicle, speed and obsticles. Unless there was malicious negligence on your side, you should be in the clear from a fault standpoint.

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