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The insurance company of the car whose door was opened will pay for it.

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Q: If passenger opens car door and hits parked car who is liable?
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Who is at fault when a car is parked to unload passengers and a backseat passenger opens their door into a car driving past?

The person who opens the door.

When the Passenger opens door and jumps out and is injured can the driver or owner of the vehicle be held liable?

Nope... The passenger's actions are their own ! If they choose to open the door of a moving vehicle - they are responsible for their own injuries !

Whose fault is it if a parked car opens the door and putting the child's seat belts meantime the car next to it hits the door of the parked car?

The driver/passenger opening the door is at fault. Look it up under the traffic laws in your state.

If a passenger in a parked car opens a door and hits a pole what is the liability of the passenger?

Initially the driver has to pay the damages if anything besides the car was harmed or damaged but he can sue the passenger for the same amount and also for damage to the car.

Who is at fault if the driver of a parked vehicle opens his door and it is hit by a car driving by?

driver of parked vehicle

Who is Liable while the passenger opens the door to get out and the driver inadvertantly starts moving the vehicle again?

Driver - The driver is what casued the incident. Even so, while exiting, person becomes pedestrian, not a passenger

If a parked car opens their door as the parked car next to them is pulling away who is responsible legally?

The one backing out, because you should realize someone is opening a door.

Whose fault if a recently parked carA opens door as car B pulls in and hits door of A.?

the person who opened the door

If someone is double parked and you go around them and they open their door and damage your car and theirs who is responsible?

Speaking from experience if a person opens their care door into a lane of traffic, they are responsible if it gets hit. If you legally go around a car that is double parked and the occupant opens their door and you hit it, they are responsible. Don't move. Call the police.

Who is at fault when a person opens their car door into traffic?

It varies by country and/or state. In most areas, the person opening the door is liable for any damage.

Who is liable when you are already more than three quarters of the way into a parking space-still pulling in- and someone opens their passenger side door into your car and damages both cars?

Going ONLY by the information disclosed in the question - it would appear that the person who opend their door is at fault.

Is the taxi company liable for damages if its passenger in a parked taxi cab opens his door into the door of a parked car and dents it?

Yes. The taxi driver should have parked in such a way as to not impede the exit of the passenger. Taxi companies carry lots of insurance for obvious reasons. Which is also why the fares are usually costly. It could go both ways, if you didnt think you had enough room on one side, why not try the other side? It depends upon the damage and where the taxi cab driver parked. The law "should" seem fair and reasonable under the view of the average person. For example, if the driver parks so close you don't enough room to exit comfortably then he would probably be at fault, but if there's no one next to you then someone pulls up and you still open the door without noticing the car next to you then you would be negligent. It depends on the circumstances. Basically you need to ask yourself who the idiot was, the driver or the passanger.